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Season 1: Eastbound & Down Chapter 3

Eastbound & Down Chapter 3 Title Sequence

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After throwing a brick through a car window at Ashley Schaeffer BMW, Kenny gets Stevie drunk on the drive home, and Stevie comes up with the idea of becoming Kenny’s personal assistant. After Kenny crashes the car through a parked boat, he makes Stevie accept the assistant job, but only if he takes the blame for the drunk driving accident.

Still hurting for cash, Kenny decides its time to start selling off the millions of dollars in Kenny Powers memorabilia he has on hand. Cassie helps him out by listing items on eBay, but it does not go too well since nothing is selling for top dollar as hoped, including Kenny’s first home run bat.

More anxious to get back to the majors, Kenny has Clegg score him some steroids to kick start his new training regimen. Stevie tracks down a high school pitching prospect, and tries to break his arm since he could potentially be Kenny’s competition on the path back to the majors. And it turns out that April ended up buying the coveted first home run bat...

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

As his new assistant, Kenny makes Stevie do two things:

1). Take the blame for Kenny's DUI crash into the parked boat.

2). End high school pitcher Caldwell's career by breaking his arm, since he's potential competition in Kenny's return to the majors.

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