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Season 1: Eastbound and Down Chapter 4

Eastbound & Down Chapter 4 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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To build some interest in Kenny and speed his return to the majors, Stevie uses his non-linear digital software to edit and produce a DVD for distribution to major league scouts - Kenny Powers: Greatest Hits. In the meantime, Kenny continues his exhausting training program — steroids, 2-3 reps with weights, and then some 12 oz Miller High Life curls.

In an attempt to make April jealous, Kenny crashes the cookout with Tracy. Stevie is also in attendance, and comes up with the idea to do a big-ass screening of the DVD at the party. While the video is being debuted, Kenny follows April upstairs, but their interaction ends prematurely.

Cutler gets wasted on Tequila, and ruins Kenny in front of everyone at the party for being a has-been, and a loser. Kenny storms out of the party and goes looking for some solitude on the jet ski, but it runs out of gas. Listening to the audiobook only makes him more depressed, and Dustin’s advice doesn’t help much either. Kenny gets disgusted by the training video, and smashes up Dustin’s furniture and DVD player.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Two classic spots in this episode:

1). Stevie's job is to keep the students from watching Kenny’s pitching practice during school: “Hey loser! Eyes f*cking down! Have some respect for Coach Powers! Gosh, you're all making me so mad! What are you laughing at Sarah? What are you laughing at? I have tried to be your friend, but you will not listen to me so you invited this monster. Don't make me kill somebody!!!”

2). Stevie shows up to the cookout dressed in all black like Kenny (so he can express his rage). But Kenny makes Stevie change himself at the party - which means wearing no shirt for the rest of the day.

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