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Season 1: Eastbound and Down Chapter 6

Eastbound & Down Chapter 6 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary ***

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April and Kenny sneak off to have sex in the Bronco on a neighborhood street. The video of Kenny knocking Mackworthy’s eye out has made him “internet hot”, so the assistant-to-the-assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Rays, Pat Anderson, comes to offer a big money contract.

Kenny accepts his offer, but starts to spend the money before he even gets paid, with a lease on a new GMC Denali and a $6k watch for April. Kenny invites April to move to Tampa with him, and Stevie surprises Kenny with his own announcement that he will be going too.

April tells Kenny that she cannot go, but does admit that she has feelings for him. After several days of hiding out in the forest, Cutler pays Kenny a visit with some chloroform and a pistol. They talk things over, and Kenny let’s him know that he “won” and gets to keep April since she is not going to Tampa with him.

Kenny gives the school his final farewell speech, where he finds out that Cutler and April’s engagement is off, and orders everyone to remember him. Kenny is leaving for Tampa when April shows up to go with him. Right before they leave Pat Anderson calls to tell him that there is no contract, but Kenny does not share this information with anyone. He and April drive off, but Kenny ditches her and her bag at a gas station.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Two funny scenes about Stevie going (or not going) to Tampa with Kenny:

1). After inviting himself to Tampa Stevie brags to everyone in gym: “Tampa. Yeaaaaah. Goodbye f*cking sh*t school. See you f*cking morons later, because I’m going to Tampa to suck some t*tties.”

2). Kenny tells Stevie he is not going to Tampa, but has one final assignment for him — not to be performed as his assistant, but as his friend. Stevie runs through the hallways pulling fire alarms and destroying school property to get everyone outside for Kenny's farewell speech.

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