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Eastbound & Down / Kenny Powers – Additional Media

Like the agent from Tampa said, “Kenny Powers is internet hot right now...”

Below is a collection of web site links, audio / video media, and other web applications of Eastbound and Down / Kenny Powers. All links open in a new window.

Official Websites

Coach Powers
by HBO
Eastbound & Down
Official HBO site for the show.
Official HBO site for Kenny Powers. Lot's of funny ads on it.
Eastbound & Down
IMDB's page for the show.
Eastbound & Down
Entry about the show on Wikipedia..

Social Networking Sites

Kenny Surfing the Internet
Follow Kenny Powers Fan Club on Twitter
The official Twitter account of Kenny Powers Fan Club. (That’s us).
Follow Myrtle Beach Mermen on Twitter
The official Twitter account of Myrtle Beach Mermen, Kenny Powers‘ new baseball team.
Follow Kenny on Twitter
The official un-verified fake (Danny McBride’s quote about account) Twitter account of Kenny Powers.
Kenny Powers Fan Club Facebook Page
The official Page of the Kenny Powers Fan Club Page on Facebook. (That’s us).
HBO’s Facebook Page
Kenny Powers of Eastbound & Down is on Facebook.
Myrtle Beach Mermen Facebook Page
The official Page for Kenny Powers’ new baseball team on Facebook.
The official account of the Kenny Powers Fan Club. (That’s us).
The official account of the Kenny Powers Fan Club. (That’s us).

Audio and Video Clips

Scene from Training Video
iTunes Podcast
Eastbound & Down Podcast
Subscribe to the podcast with iTunes.
Funny or Die
Kenny Powers: Greatest Hits
aka the training video Stevie made on his computer for the scouts.
Kenny Powers Audio Biography
Compilation of readings from Kenny's audiobook “You’re F*cking Out, I’m F*cking In”.
Best of Kenny Powers
Compilation of video clips from the show.
The Making of Eastbound & Down
Behind the scenes look at the show.
Best of Steve Janowski
Compilation of Stevie’s best moments from the show.
Ashley Schaeffer Motors Commercial
Ashley Schaeffer BMW commercial. It’s also a special feature on the DVD.
Video Clips
Various clips of the show and behind the scenes looks.
Watch all of the Kenny Powers K-SWISS Tubes ad spots.
Interactive / Web Apps, etc
Cover of Kenny Powers: Greatest Hits
by HBO
To promote the 4th season, Kenny insults the fan base of many MLB team cities.
Win the Panty Dropper
Register online to win the famous Panty Dropper jet ski, and call 888-938-7544 to hear a message recording from Stevie Janowski hyping Kenny Powers, and the second season.
Send a Kenny / Eastbound & Down postcard to a friend.
Screensavers and Wallpapers
Add Kenny to your desktop or computer screen.
Baseball Cards
Own a piece of big league history.

Kenny Powers and Eastbound & Down are TM & © 2024 HBO. We are not affiliated with HBO, who we hope don't sue us - we just love this show, so hopefully that counts for something...
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