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Kenny Powers Costumes

What do we do with all this awesome un-wanted Kenny Powers sh*t???

Are you trying to bite the Kenny Powers style?

Get geared up for Halloween, or any other costume party, with these one of a kind items — introducing official Eastbound & Down™ licensed Kenny Powers Costumes and accessories! Myrtle Beach Mermen editions are new for 2012!

Costume items are screen-printed and made of 100% polyester. Baseball hat is flex fit, and jersey size is adult standard L / XL. Baseball Pants come in adult sizes and have elastic waist with zippered fly and belt loops. Matching Baseball Socks are adult size.

Kenny Powers Costume Kit

Kenny Powers Costume Kit

Following items are included in the costume kit:

  • Costume Goatee
  • Myrtle Beach Mermen / Powers #55 Jersey Shirt (Adult Standard L/XL)
  • Myrtle Beach Mermen logo baseball hat (Flex Fit) & Mullet Wig Combo

Buy Now - $59.55

Kenny Powers Costume — Complete Set

Kenny Powers Complete Costume Set

The Complete Costume Set includes:

  • Costume Goatee
  • Mullet Wig
  • Myrtle Beach Mermen logo baseball hat (Flex Fit)
  • Authentic Myrtle Beach Mermen / Powers #55 Button-up Jersey
  • White w/ Navy Baseball Pants
  • Navy Baseball Socks
  • Signature Sunglasses

Buy Now - $155.55

Kenny Powers Costume Accessories

Don't need the whole Kenny Powers costume? You can purchase accessories for the black outfit (mullet wig, sunglasses, and goatee), or the baseball player (baseball hat with mullet wig).

Kenny Powers Black Outfit Accessories Kit

Buy Now - $25.55

Kenny Powers Baseball Accessories Kit

Buy Now - $34.55

More Kenny Powers Merchandise

Kenny Powers Shirts
Kenny Powers Shirts

Find your favorite Kenny Powers
design with his famous quotes.

Choose Your Design Now!

Eastbound & Down DVD / Bluray
Eastbound & Down DVD Bluray

Available in standard DVD or Bluray hi-def,
or digital format from the iTunes store.

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