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Season 1: Eastbound & Down Chapter 5

Eastbound & Down Chapter 5 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Kenny goes over to Stevie’s house to make him burn the remaining copies of the training video, and uses his computer to cut a new audiobook track. Kenny announces his retirement from professional baseball, and accepts his descent from superstar to regular person, where he will take things more seriously, and no longer be interested in April.

Using some security footage of Kenny throwing the cinder block through a car window as blackmail, Ashley Schaeffer lures Kenny down to the dealership to intimidate him into a pitching contest with his arch-nemesis Reg Mackworthy. Kenny first declines the offer, but then re-considers after Dustin talks him into it.

The first 2 pitches in the contest miss badly, but then Kenny sees that April is there, and publicly apologizes for the incident at the cookout. His next pitch registers 101 on the radar gun, knocking Mackworthy’s eye out of his skull. Kenny exclaims “I got my pitch back”, and then throws more heaters at Schaeffer and some car windows. Everyone else joins in destroying the dealership, including a tribute to The Natural with Kenny chucking a ball through the Ashley Schaeffer neon sign.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Besides Kenny un-knowingly interrupting Stevie’s private time:

1). While driving in the car, Kenny fires Stevie as his personal assistant. Stevie does not take it too well, hoping that they get in a car wreck “and we both die, and then we can live in heaven.”

2). Stevie shows up to the pitching contest with steroids for Kenny, lends his moral support — “I’m ten feet tall right now, and strong as an ox”, and heckles Mackworthy — “No bunting!!! / “No, who the f*ck are you???”

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