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Season 2: Eastbound & Down Chapter 13

Eastbound & Down Chapter 13 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Pulling up at the Border Patrol station, Stevie starts freaking out that the agents will find Maria hidden in the backseat under the blanket and Tecate box. The border agent wants to inspect the vehicle, but Kenny Powers uses “his celebrity” to get them all through the checkpoint safely.

Kenny drops Stevie and Maria off, and sincerely thanks Stevie for all the help down in Mexico. Kenny then crashes Rose’s birthday party over at the Powers family house, and everyone seems fairly happy to see him. Kenny explains that he went to Mexico, not Tampa, and even found their father. Dustin asks about their dad, but Kenny selfishly declines to offer any information about him since he went to all the trouble of finding him.

Decked out in the Flama Blanca suit, Kenny Powers heads over to Jefferson Davis Middle School to find April Buchanan. Causing another one of his famous scenes, Kenny interrupts the school’s lunchtime by climbing onto the table, stomping through the children’s lunches, and re-introducing himself to the students.

Once again, Kenny Powers lets the whole school know that he’s a victor and a champion, since he conquered Mexican baseball. Right after demanding that the big-chested art teacher step forward, Cutler puts a stop to Kenny’s antics. He tells Kenny that April no longer works there, and agrees to take him to her if he leaves all of the kids alone.

April is now a realtor, and Cutler takes Kenny over to a house she has listed for sale. Before going in the house, Cutler and Kenny take turns insulting each other, and bicker back and forth about their past relationships with April. Kenny brags that he is April’s destiny, and to watch as he “wins her back.”

Kenny heads into the house, and after exclaiming that April’s “champion has returned home”, he is totally floored to see that April Buchanan is pregnant. Kenny assumes that her business partner Jaime is the father, and April tells Kenny that she never wants to see him again.

After reflecting on things while riding the Panty Dropper jetski, Kenny goes to visit Clegg, and then home to interrupt Dustin and Cassie’s candlelight dinner. He fills them in on April’s pregnancy, and Dustin advises him to Leave April alone, and do what he’s been chasing his whole life — being a baseball player. Kenny agrees with him, and decides going through the motions of playing baseball is probably best, since nobody loves him.

The next day Kenny goes over to Stevie’s house, to bid him farewell, and start a new life by himself in Myrtle Beach. All of Maria’s cousins are driving Stevie crazy, and he wants to ditch her and go with Kenny. But Kenny won’t allow it, showing Stevie the saying printed on Maria’s shirt is true — “Love is the best gift ever.” Stevie sees the light, and then Kenny hits Stevie up for one final favor.

It turns out the tapes Kenny Powers was recording in Mexico were not for a new audiobook, but instead a narration for April to understand why he left, and how feels about her on his quest. Kenny wants Stevie to deliver the box of cassettes to April, which he and Maria do. Before leaving for Myrtle Beach, Kenny Powers packs the Flama Blanca suit, his baseball glove, and has the kids wash the Panty Dropper.

After listening to the Kenny Powers audiobook, April appreciated the honesty in his recordings, and goes over to the house to clear the air with Kenny. Citing the philosophical lessons he learned on his journey, and quoting Ric Flair (to be the man, you gotta beat the man), Kenny apologizes to April.

April listens to the apology, and then shares some news of her own — Kenny Powers is father of her baby. Kenny is speechless over the bomb she just dropped, and April assures him she does not need anything from him, or expect any help. April goes on to explain that it took her a while to accept the situation, but she is happy, and looks forward to being a mother.

Kenny feels guilty, and tells her that he was just leaving to play baseball again, but April counters that she is not interested in being in love with him anymore. Kenny pleads that he came a long way for her, and just wants to “catch up.” Reluctantly April agrees, but only if they can take separate cars, where they meet at a local Mexican restaurant in town.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Stevie comes through for Kenny yet again, but before that he was pretty stressed about getting Maria across the border safely, and threatened “if one of these pigs takes my wife, I will f*cking kill them.”

He also gets really pissed off about all of Maria’s cousins hanging out at their place all the time — “Don’t mind me, it’s just my f*cking house, I’ll get the f*cking door.”

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