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Season 2: Eastbound & Down

Character Guide - Deep Inside Mexico

Kenny Powers made new friends and enemies on his epic quest to Copales, Mexico. Even though April Buchanan did not appear in Mexico, we added her since she became important to the on-going plot of Eastbound & Down.

Characters are grouped as friends or enemies, in order of appearance. Learn more about the other characters on the show, and the actors who play them...

Note: This character guide is for Season 2 in Copales, Mexico. For season 1 characters, see the Shelby, NC edition, or our final season guide for season 3.

Kenny Powers’ Enemies in Mexico

Aaron the Midget
Aaron the Midget
played by: Deep Roy
Aaron was formerly an enforcer for Kenny Powers, when he was part of the cockfighting ring.
This nasty little guy has rolled Kenny twice, first stealing his money at knife-point at Big Red’s funeral, and a second time giving a phone book for money, instead of information on Eduardo Sanchez.
He wears a fake pencil-thin mustache, and wants Kenny Powers to leave Mexico. Aaron and Stevie hate each other, and he has been referred to as “dwarf”, “bitch”, and “The King of Mustaches”.
played by: Ana de la Reguera
Vida is a sultry nightclub / lounge singer who covers Bob Seger classics.
She and Kenny Powers have had a few one night stands, and now Kenny has vowed to take their relationship to the next level, and be the father figure to her son Tony.
Vida has repeatedly told him she does want anything serious. At the yacht party you could also tell that she might be into Sebastian’s money, and then hooked up with him, which Kenny caught them doing. Kenny and Vida eventually cleared the air, when he told her how he will “now and forever” like big boobs.
Sebastian Cisneros
Sebastian Cisneros
played by: Michael Peña
Sebastian Cisneros is the owner of the Charros baseball team that Kenny Powers plays for in Mexico.
He is filthy rich, and drawn to the showmanship and style of Kenny Powers, lending his full support during his comeback. At his yacht party, Sebastian and Kenny had the groundbreaking conversation as to whether Kenny Powers is a tits or ass man.
They are now enemies, ever since Kenny Powers walked in on Sebastian, with his face shoved in between Vida's legs. However, Sebastian did allow Kenny to pitch in one more game after getting kicked off the team.
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez
played by: Don Johnson
Eduardo Sanchez is Kenny Power's dad. We don't know his real name, other than "Powers".
At the end of season one, it’s alluded to that Kenny Power's father is dead. While in Mexico, Kenny sought out the mysterious Eduardo Sanchez, hoping to find all of the answers to life that he may possess.
We learn that the apple does not fall too far from the tree, and that all of Kenny's terrible ways are learned from Eduardo. After calling the Federales on Kenny, it is obvious they are no longer on terms.

Kenny Powers’ Friends in Mexico

Stevie Janowski
Stevie Janowski
played by: Steve Little
Stevie Janowski is the only supporting character from season one that is back for the new season in Mexico. You can read the Season 1 Stevie Janowski guide here.
Stevie followed the $22k worth of “breadcrumbs” he thought Kenny Powers left for him, to track him down to his hideout in Mexico.
After getting accidentally shot in the leg by Kenny, he begged to stay in Mexico, and has resumed his role of assistant and promoter for Kenny Powers’ comeback.
played by: Efren Ramirez
Catuey lives nextdoor to Kenny Powers.
He and his family have opened their home to their obnoxious neighbor on several occasions.
Catuey has helped Stevie promote Kenny Power’s return, and his sister-in-law Maria took care of Stevie’s gunshot wound. They later get married, and Catuey fixes the Denali for Kenny before they leave Mexico.
Roger Hernandez
Roger Hernandez
played by: Marco Rodríguez
Roger Hernandez is the manager of the Charros baseball team.
He spotted “Steve” in the stands at several games, and coaxed him into making a comeback by making fun of how low Kenny Powers had gotten, if that was really him.
The prima donna act of Kenny Powers has worn thin on his patience, but Roger truly wants to support Kenny's return to baseball, since his career failed the same way as Kenny’s.
Pat Anderson
Pat Anderson
played by: Adam Scott
In season one, Pat Anderson was the assistant-to-the-assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Rays, and offered Kenny Powers a big money contract.
However, Pat Anderson really did not have the authority to offer Kenny the deal, and had to take it back — the whole reason Kenny left April behind at the gas station and went to Mexico.
This time, Pat Anderson is fresh out of rehab, looking to complete the 9th Step in his recovery, making amends with those he has wronged. To fix his mistake with Kenny Powers, he arranges for an MLB scout to watch him pitch.
April Buchanan
April Buchanan
played by: Katy Mixon
Kenny Powers won the love of April Buchanan when she decided not to marry Principal Cutler, and move to Tampa Bay with Kenny instead.
When Pat Anderson’s baseball contract offer with the Tampa Bay Rays fell through, Kenny ditched April Buchanan at a gas station, and kept driving down to Mexico.
After returning from Mexico to get April back, Kenny finds out that she is pregnant, and thinks her business partner is the father. Once April hears the honesty in Kenny’s recordings, she decides to reconcile with him, and tell Kenny Powers that he is the father of the baby.

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