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Eastbound & Down Season 2 Air Date

Kenny Driving Away

Kenny Powers heads to Mexico for Season 2! Click for More!

As we all know by now, Eastbound & Down has been renewed for a second season. We would assume that Season 2 will be filmed in early 2010, and air over the summer.

Season 2 production begins in May.

We seriously doubt they can have all production and filming completed in time for the fall 2010 season. Shows what we know:

Season 2 airs / premiers September 26, 2010.

Pat Anderson - Assistant-to-the-assistant GM of the Tampa Bay Rays

So what’s in store for the second season?

Season 1 left off with Kenny deserting April at a gas station on their way to Tampa, after the Tampa Bay Rays did not extend him a contract.

Will Kenny Powers return to Shelby after the Tampa Bay Rays embarrassment?

Is he going to escape and go pitch in one of the many Latin Winter Leagues? Most likely (see April below).

As we saw in Chapter 5, Kenny’s Spanish blows - “El musico es culo”.

Eastbound & Down Season 2 News Production Updates

We are posting brief summaries of any news, articles, and interviews related to the production of Eastbound & Down Season 2 right here. Keep checking back for updates as we find them. Sometimes it may be quicker for us to post a note on Tumblr...

  • Season 2 Trailer: HBO has started to run preview clips from season dos. Here is one of them:

  • HBO's Invitation to the Set: After the most recent episode of Hung, HBO aired a 2 minute featurette with clips from the show, and insight from the creators of the series on what to expect in the upcoming season. Be sure to check it out, and we will post more on this later right here...
  • Season Dos: Deep Inside Mexico: Based on set visits and early screenings of the show (see post below), Hunter Stephenson has written another teaser article about season 2 over at Vice Magazine. Lots of spoiler-free bits, but most importantly the new season is “worthy of the original and is its own different, more somber beast.”
  • Early Screening Update: In mid-August writer / Eastbound insider Hunter Stephenson got an advance copy of the first few season 2 episodes. Of course it sounds great: RE: first episodes RE: midget RE: Stevie.
  • K-SWISS Update: The K-SWISS website has all of the Tubes ads posted on their site. Looks like they will be releasing them over time. Most are available now.
  • K-SWISS Campaign: Kenny Powers and K-SWISS shoes have launched a new marketing campaign for their line of K-SWISS Tubes shoes. In this video Kenny Powers and Stevie take a meeting with the K-SWISS brass to lay down their expectations for the marketing campaign. The fictional character appears in print and video ads with professional athletes Urijah Faber, Patrick Willis, and some douche bag named Jeremy Shockey. Check You Tube for more, the ESPN magazine ad, and billboard ad.
  • Comic-Con Update: As you can see in the post below, HBO is running a contest to win the Panty Dropper jet ski. At comic-con, they had the Escalade (err, the Denali) towing it around downtown San Diego with a cardboard cut out of Kenny Powers attached. Here are some pics: being towed, parked on street, and the tabbed flyer.
  • Win the Famous Panty Dropper! Register online to win the famous Panty Dropper jet ski, and call 888-938-7544 to hear a message recording from Stevie Janowski hyping Kenny Powers, and the second season.
  • July 2010 Update: Adam McKay (producer / director of show) tweeted that he saw the first 2 episodes of season 2, which you can see sound great, and were still “early cuts”.
  • More From the Set: A few weeks back Hunter Stephenson paid a visit to the set in Puerto Rico, and just posted an article for Vice Magazine about his visit. The highlights include another picture of Kenny Powers on set, and a picture of Stevie Janowski posed next to a “mean-ass new character”. We are guessing he will play a pissed-off: A). batboy B). relative of the new hotchick C). manager / owner of a team. And Hunter also reports the season will be seven episodes long — not eight as previously reported.
  • Air Date Confirmed: The Hollywood Reporter just posted a news feed announcing a September 26, 2010 season two premiere date, along with the teaser trailer mentioned below.
  • June 2010 Update: The show is confirmed to return in September!!! Kenny Powers tweeted “KENNY POWERS IS COMING BACK F*CKING SOON”, with a link to a 20 second teaser on the HBO site showing the September air date.
  • Pictures From the Set: SlashFilm writer Hunter Stephenson just tweeted a picture of Kenny Powers “warming up” on the set. A reader also pointed out this one of the sticker / logo used on the production vans.
  • May 2010 Update: SlashFilm recently confirmed that Eastbound & Down Season 2 is currently being filmed in Puerto Rico. In the article they speculate (as we did too below) that Will Ferrell's disguised appearance as Venezuelan pitcher Rojo Johnson at a minor league game may also have something to do with the new season.
  • Rojo Johnson: Weeks after season 2 was confirmed, Will Ferrell made a disguised appearance in a Minor League game as Venezuelan pitcher Rojo Johnson. Is he practicing for a new character in season 2? Kenny Powers will be playing in some kind of Mexican / Latin American League...
  • Season 2 Plot Confirmed: In an exclusive scoop, Nellie Andreeva confirms that Kenny Powers is definitely heading to Mexico for Eastbound & Down Season 2. Picking up where Season 1 left off, Kenny goes to Mexico to hide from his problems, and joins a local baseball team. The characters April and Clegg will be benched for season 2, while Michael Pena and Ana de la Reguera join the cast. Everybody can calm down about Stevie Janowski — he goes down to Mexico to find Kenny. Production begins in May.
  • April 2010 Update: Huge news for season two! Kenny Powers better get himself a Spanish dictionary, cause it sounds like he is heading to a Latin American country (TBD). During an interview at SXSW, David Gordon Green says they are leaving the country, and most of the characters behind. Season 2 will be “pretty dark”, 8 episodes long, and “it’s going to be a longer and more complicated view of Kenny Powers f*cking up”. Green also confirms that the crew was in Puerto Rico finishing the episode scripts.
  • March 2010 Update: Just like last month, we have no credible news. Danny McBride had a sizeable role in “Up in the Air”, but was not present at the Oscars as other cast members were. Hopefully he could not make it since he was busy filming the new season???
  • February 2010 Update: We have nothing new to report. No news / recent interviews, and no announcements from HBO. At least Kenny Powers appears in the new HBO commerical for all its shows, but its not an advertisement for season 2...
  • January 2010 Update: Bo Mitchell, who plays Wayne Powers, confirmed that he will be back for the second season in a recent interview [CA Chronicle has since removed the story: http://www.californiachronicle.com/articles/yb/139565021].
    According to him, filming begins in April in Wilmington, and there will be 16 episodes in Season 2 of Eastbound & Down. Based on previous comments made by Danny McBride, and the higher episode count, could season 2 also be the series finale?
  • December 2009 Update: @HBO tweeted the following: “That's right Eastbound and Down fans, Kenny will be f**cking back in 2010. You may all rejoice now.”
  • November 2009 Update: Danny McBride confirmed that Season 2 of Eastbound & Down was currently being written. According to him, season 2 will end similar to the first “where it could stand on its own at the end of the day” and have “some sort of resolution to it” in case more epsiodes are not made. It also sounds like they would like to make a third season.
  • October 2009 Update: In a recent interview, Danny McBride said Season 2 will start production when he gets back from Europe, where he and David Gordon Green are busy filming Your Highness.
  • Summer 2009 Update: Jody Hill talks Season 2 in this interview. Some points of interest: Kenny’s mullet, we might get to meet Kenny Powers’ mom in season 2, and the new season will be much darker, with a “big surprise”.
  • Spring 2009 Update: In one of the first interviews after confirming the second season, Jody Hill says that Kenny might be “hiding out somewhere”, and won’t confirm what supporting cast will be back.


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