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Eastbound & Down Season Dos / Season 2 Preview

A man who has seen the things I've seen... experienced the loss and pain that I've experienced...

Eastbound & Down Title Sequence

Kenny Powers Goes Deep Inside Mexico

As the the subtitle to the upcoming season advertises, Kenny Powers goes “Deep Inside Mexico”, and according to show star Danny McBride “it is not pretty” (as you would imagine, right?)

The Premise:

After deserting April at the gas station, Kenny Powers drives down to Mexico to start a new life for himself, and hide from the shame of not getting the Tampa Bay Rays contract.

Kenny Powers attempts another Major League Baseball comeback playing with a local Mexican League team, the Charros, and also gets wrapped up in some shady criminal activity with a Mexican gang / crime family.

More About Season Dos

Besides this trailer, there are two different "Invitation to the Set" HBO specials for Eastbound & Down Season Dos / Season 2.

They feature clips from the show, and insight from the creators of the series on what to expect in the upcoming season. So we have tried to put a few things together for our fellow fans of the show...

Frequent series director, David Gordon Green, has already revealed the main theme to this season is a "longer and more complicated view of Kenny Powers fucking up." What better setting than Mexico for that, right?

Although Stephanie Laing says otherwise (see quote below), this season looks less about a baseball comeback than we expected, and more about Kenny Powers delving into a new life of crime in the seedy underbelly of Mexico.

There are several plot layers to season dos. Aside from trying another Major League Baseball comeback, Kenny Powers wants to create a whole new identity, or as he sees it, outlaw persona for himself in Mexico. He gets corn rows, hangs out with a mini-fied henchman, pounds beers, shoots guns, and starts cock fighting — “and that is not a homosexual reference” — we mean gambling on rooster fights. Basically, Kenny Powers becomes Michael Vick, but with chickens instead of dogs...

Kenny Powers finds a new love interest in a gorgeous Bob Seger cover singer named Vida, and he is faced with the life changing realization that Kenny Powers may not be a "tit man" after all, but an "ass man" instead. Even though HBO has not yet shown Stevie Janowski in any scenes, he proves his loyalty, and ventures south of the border to look for his idol Kenny Powers.

Last but not least, is that a tape recorder we see? Looks like Kenny Powers finds time to work on his memoirs / another audiobook. With the help of Google Translate — “Estás jodido, yo estoy follando en la segunda parte”.

Be sure to check out our Deep Inside Mexico edition of the Season 2 Character Guide.

Eastbound & Down Title Sequence

Our Predictions — Before the Season

Based on what we have seen and read about Season Dos, we wanted to make a few predictions, and highlight what to look for this season. These are not spoilers, and just pure speculation on our part:

  • Clegg: Clegg knows where Kenny is hiding out, and tells Stevie.
  • Stevie: Stevie will bang alot of hookers in Mexico. One will be a tranny.
  • Midget: He and Stevie Janowski will not peaceably co-exist. Something very, very, politically incorrect will happen in his demise.
  • Donkey: Even though its cliche, expect something gross. Donkey show.
  • Team Owner: Sebastian has the hot girl, and will be at odds w/ Kenny over her.
  • Vida: She hates Kenny Powers, but he won't stop chasing her, or take the hint. He will blow it once again. (literally or in pants)
  • Baseball: Kenny will pitch OK in Mexico. But he will drive his manager absolutely crazy, and all his teammates will hate him. We finally get to see the Kenny Powers showmanship, pizzazz, and style on full-tilt during a baseball game. Think WWE.
  • Will Ferrell: Will Ferrell will appear as an opponent, pitcher Rojo Johnson. See his appearance at a Minor League Baseball game.
  • Rooster: Kenny will no doubt have a funny name for his prized cock, who will get killed in a championship fight. The death of the rooster will be heart-wrenching, and push Kenny over the edge / start his downward spiral out of control.
  • The End: Kenny Powers will need to get out of Mexico in a hurry.
  • Season 3: Yes. Too much of hit to be ignored, but third season will be it.

One More Prediction - Stevie Janowski Will Die

Stevie Janowski Dies

Added on 10/27/10. We hate to predict this “super, super sad” event, but here's why:

If you really pay attention, the creators of the show have always liked to foreshadow on-going jokes and/or plots to the season(s).

In Chapter 8 Kenny Powers tells Stevie that Mexico is a dangerous place, and if he stays there, he could not guarantee he makes it home alive. Stevie scoffed at this, and replies that he is ready to slap whoever steps up in the face. Stevie and Aaron hated each other in previous episodes, and then in Chapter 11 Kenny and Stevie made jokes about burying a dead assistant when they meet Eduardo Sanchez.

Technically, both Stevie and the midget have been Kenny's assistant. So Aaron could be the one to get it, as we originally predicted above. But based on the recent joke about dead assistants, and Stevie giving Kenny a fist-bump while laughing about it, we are thinking that things don't look too good for him.

Before leaving Mexico, Kenny and Stevie will have one last run-in with Aaron and Hector. That is when we think it will happen.

Quotes from the Creative Team

These quotes from the creative team behind the show were taken from the "Invitation to the Set" HBO specials. Just to give you an idea of what they think about the new season...

Chris Henchy - Producer:

When you do that much damage in the states, you gotta find some place to hide.

How far down into rock bottom can you go, and still maintain some sense of victory?

With everything thats gone on in Kenny's life, he's still unapologetic. You know, he's a little bit of a southern gentleman, and then a huge asshole.

Stephanie Laing - Producer:

There is alot more baseball than last season, but as you would expect from Kenny, its not a typical baseball game.

Season 2 of Eastbound & Down is like Eastbound & Down on steroids. Its crazy.

Sean Harwell - Writer:

An epic continuation of Kenny pursuing his goal...

Jody Hill - Creator/Director/Producer:

What is something bad that Kenny Powers could be into in Mexico, and ummm ... cock fighting just kind of rose to the top.

We always think that Kenny kinda sees himself as like, the star of his own movie, and we figure that he sees himself as like an outlaw. And where outlaws always run off to is Mexico.

He faces the conflict, the internal struggle, as to ummm, if he will fully convert to being as ass man.

Along with alot of great laughs and some more inappropriate comedy, you're also gonna have alot of sadness, alot of sincerity, and ... hopefully some redemption.

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