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Season 3: Eastbound & Down the Final Season

Character Guide - Getting Wet in Myrtle Beach

Most of the characters from the final season have already appeared, so we organized them in a “new” / “old” format, by order of appearance.

Note: This character guide is for Season 3. See these pages for characters from season 2 in Copales, Mexico or season 1 characters.

New Characters

Shane Dog
Shane Dog
played by: Jason Sudeikis
Shane was the catcher on the Myrtle Beach Mermen, and Kenny Powers’ new best friend. He may have brought out the best in Kenny on the mound, but off the field it was quite the opposite.
Kenny and Shane were both the same kind of thoughtless asshole, who reinforced each other’s egotistical behavior through toy vehicles, smack talk, chasing ladies, and partying.
They used to joke who was Maverick or Goose of Top Gun fame, but in the end Shane was Goose, since he died of a cocaine overdose. Even though Shane died, Kenny harnessed his power to complete his comeback.
Ivan Dochenko
Ivan Dochenko
played by: Ike Barinholtz
Ivan Dochenko was the young Russian pitching prospect on the Myrtle Beach Mermen. His 102 MPH fastball immediately threatened Kenny Powers.
Texas asked Kenny to be Ivan’s mentor, but his jealousy ruined any chance of that ever working. Ivan put up with Kenny in the beginning of his “training”, but quickly grew tired of his hazing, and quest to prove himself as team leader.
In a rage, Kenny ruined Ivan’s DJ gig on the 4th of July by burning Club Celebrations down. The Russian was finally conquered when he couldn’t handle pitching with rowdy, battery chucking, Rockingham Ruckus fans in the stands, and Kenny Powers came in to get the save.
Cassie Powers
Cassie Powers
played by: Lily Tomlin
We knew who was cast, and were wondering which direction the creative team was heading in — dignified woman, or some kind of drum circle hippy.
Actually it was neither. Cassie Powers turned out to be a loudmouth, super-competitive, weed smoker / pill-popper, just like her son. She is also the source of Kenny’s athletic ability.
Cassie thought Kenny was perfectly capable of being a good father, but agreed to raise Toby for him once he admitted he was too overwhelmed, which was a huge disappointment to her. Kenny eventually had a change of heart, and was forgiven by his mother for giving up on his son.

Old Characters

April Buchanan
April Buchanan
played by: Katy Mixon
At the beginning of the season it was implied April and Kenny could not get things to work in their relationship once Toby was born.
After a big night out in Myrtle Beach, it seemed like things were better between the two, but then April disappeared, leaving Toby under the care of Kenny Powers. Kenny searched for April, who it turns out, was taking a break at her sister’s house.
In her absence Kenny learned to be a father, but did not immediately want April back after her return. Kenny was bitter at her, but eventually decided to put April and Toby first, and quit playing major league baseball.
The Janowskis
Maria and Stevie Janowksi
played by: Steve Little Elizabeth De Razzo
Reluctantly, Maria allowed the Janowskis to move to Myrtle Beach as Kenny Powers’ assistants. Once they arrived in Myrtle, Maria forced Stevie to lay down a new set of ground rules for his relationship with Kenny Powers.
Maria did not enjoy the life they were living there, mostly because Stevie’s head was on a swivel checking out other women. After Stevie cheated on Maria, he was not “baller” enough to keep the secret to himself.
When he spilled his guts, Maria took off, leaving Stevie to sulk and mourn her loss, even shaving his head and eyebrows off as self-punishment. Once Stevie apologized at a roadside market, they were able to mend their relationship during the victory celebration over the Rockingham Ruckus.
Ashley Schaeffer
Ashley Schaeffer
played by: Will Ferrell
After he lost his BMW dealership, Ashley Schaeffer began selling cars for KIA, and also hired Stevie Janowski as an employee.
Stevie was forced to work after hours at Schaeffer Plantation, serving as a geisha girl for the Korean car company owners attending a banquet.
Kenny Powers got caught trying to rescue Stevie, and Schaeffer made both of them run a gauntlet of cannon fire in a challenge bet to save their lives. They foiled his plans, but Ashley Schaeffer would turn up one more time for revenge.
Texas Scout
Texas Scout
played by: Matthew McConaughey
Roy McDaniel is the Texas Rangers scout who signed Kenny Powers to his contract with the double A Myrtle Beach Mermen.
He also owns one of the best lines of the season, while complementing Kenny Powers on his pitching — “you’re down here squirtin’ fire like a dragon’s pussy.”
Roy supported Kenny, but also made his life miserable by forcing him to take Ivan Dochenko under his wing. When Kenny Powers got called up, Roy McDaniel was there by his side in the clubhouse to offer a strange motivational speech, where the hope for Kenny Powers’ successful comeback was an analogy for giving head.
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez
played by: Don Johnson
Last season we learned Kenny Powers long lost father, Eduardo Sanchez, was a lying, cheating, back-stabbing gigolo.
Things were no different this season, when Eduardo Sanchez turned up trying to learn the whereabouts of his rich ex-wife. Eduardo used his grandson, and his son’s problems raising him as tools to con Kenny Powers into finally giving up the location of his mother.
All along, Eduardo claimed he wanted to re-kindle his relationship with Tammie, but he was really just interested in stealing valuable family heirlooms. Like Kenny, Eduardo was forgiven by Cassie in their dueling apology speech at the bowling alley.
Reg Mackworthy
Reg Mackworthy
played by: Craig Robinson
During Black Bike Week Reg Mackworthy noticed a poster in the bathroom stall, promoting Kenny Powers as the star pitcher for the local Myrtle Beach Mermen. Now he could finally have his revenge for losing his eye.
Calling on the help of Ashley Schaeffer to instigate things, Reg Mackworthy and his biker gang, the Grim Creepers, first stalked Kenny Powers in the parking lot, and then kidnapped his son Toby.
During a street fight to rescue Toby, Reg decided against getting even, while his gang punished Ashley Schaeffer for a racist comment. Mackworthy still wanted to play baseball, but unfortunately the Mermen coach was not in the market for a new one-eyed catcher, like Kenny Powers thought he would be.

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