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Eastbound & Down Season 3 Production News Archive

Kenny Powers in Baseball Game

Eastbound & Down Season 3 air date is February 19th, 2012 at 10PM!

Obviously the show is a huge hit, and has too much of a cult following not to come back. And before season 2 went into production, it sounded like the creative team behind the show had some rough idea of how to tie in a third season:

Danny McBride was quoted in an interview “We have an overall idea of where we’d like to take the arc, if we were given the opportunity to do it, it would be a 3 season arc, but with approaching the 2nd season, we’re making the 2nd season very much in the same way we made the 1st where it could stand on its own at the end of the day. And if we don’t get picked up for another, it will have some sort of resolution to it.”

Kenny Powers and April Buchanan

What will we see in season three?

Season 2 ended with Kenny Powers returning to America with a baseball contract for Texas’ minor league affiliate in Myrtle Beach, and finding out he was the father of April Buchanan’s baby.

Some questions that Eastbound & Down Season Three should resolve:

1). Will Kenny Powers suck his own dream's d*ck, and finally make his major league baseball comeback?

2). Has Kenny Powers really learned from the mistakes of Eduardo Sanchez, and try to help April raise their child?

3). Do Kenny Powers and April Buchanan get back together?

Eastbound & Down Season 3 News Production Updates

We are posting brief summaries of any news, articles, and interviews related to the production of Eastbound & Down Season 3 right here. Keep checking back for updates as we find them. We will also post updates to our Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter accounts.

  • January 2012 Update: Baseball Prospectus just did a podcast with Ike Barinholtz, who is playing the Russian pitcher Ivan in season 3. Be sure to check it out for some new details on the character.
  • Season 3 Trailer: “And if I can turn my life around, then I bet a bunch of little poor kids like you can do the same.”

  • December 2011 Update 2: Hey HBO, we want a new season preview clip! Hung and Boardwalk Empire both had their finales, but without a new Kenny Powers trailer attached. Maybe something will turn up in late January 2012, for the premiere of Luck. Or HBO has just decided to rely on the internet to promote Eastbound & Down... Regardless, thank you fans for all the support over the year(s), and we will see you back here in a few weeks with some exciting season 3 material in the pipeline...
  • December 2011 Update 1: Eastbound & Down Season 3 premiere date was just announced by Entertainment Weekly. The final season is in fact 8 episodes / chapters as we reported earlier, and airs February 19th, 2012 at 10PM. Stay tuned to HBO’s Sunday night line-up for the next few weeks, cause there should be a preview clip released during that time. Enough of the horse racing, it’s time for Kenny F*cking Powers!
  • November 2011 Update 3: You can find Andrew Daly, who plays Principal Cutler on Twitter (@TVsAndyDaly), but he never once mentioned his involvement in season 3. Not sure how Cutler fits into the final season’s plans, but Deadline Hollywood has confirmed that Cutler will be back. “Hit the halls, baby...”
  • November 2011 Update 2: Everybody knows the name of Kenny Powers’ baseball team is the Myrtle Beach Mermen, right? We just realized we never published that info on this page. You can get a peek of the team logo here and here.
  • November 2011 Update 1: In a recent interview with Movieweb.com, Steve Little was pretty tight-lipped about season 3. Although he does confirm that there is still about one week of shooting left to complete, he would not go into any details as to what other characters might turn up again. Regardless of his secrecy, he does think “it’s going to be a really good season.”
  • October 2011 Update 2: How many episodes are left in the epic Kenny Powers saga? According to IMDB.com, Eastbound & Down Season 3 will be 8 episodes long (1 mas more than last season). If you prefer to count by chapter, that’s Chapter 14 - Chapter 21.
  • October 2011 Update 1: Delays, delays, delays... The filming of season three was halted in mid-September, right before the birth of Danny McBride’s son (congratulations), and over a week of production time was already lost in August due to Hurricane Irene. The creative team wanted to have the season wrapped by the end of September, but obviously the bad weather threw the whole production schedule off. Filming is now set to resume at the beginning of November. Speaking of filming, check out this iPhone footage of Kenny Powers evading mini-golf security.
  • Season 3 Promo Teaser: Who’s ready to party with Kenny F*cking Powers? Thanks to David A. for the clip.

  • September 2011 Update 2: During last night’s HBO finales two promos were used for upcoming shows. In a generic preview for all programming, season three was shown for return in 2012, along with a dedicated clip where a lady has an Eastbound & Down tramp stamp. The Kenny Powers voice-over proclaims that he is “a changed man”, and yells “who’s ready to party with Kenny F*cking Powers”?!?!?! Another image was also leaked online via Kenny Powers twitter, with premiere date of January 2012.
  • September 2011 Update 1: In a new exclusive, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed another cast member for the third season of Eastbound & Down. Ike Barinholtz will play a Russian phenom pitcher, who Kenny Powers tries to take under his wing. Sounds like an important pitcher to the plot, so Jason Sudeikis probably moves to another position on the diamond? Better be catcher.
  • August 2011 Update 3: Over the weekend Hurricane Irene hit the east coast. The storm delayed at least 1 day of scheduled filming (most likely more) in Myrtle Beach. We are waiting for confirmation if there will be further delay(s) to the filming of Eastbound & Down’s third season, and/or when it will resume. Update: 1 week has gone by, and still no confirmation of any new filming in Wilmington or Myrtle Beach.
  • August 2011 Update 2: During the 3rd week of August filming moved back to locations in Myrtle Beach, SC. Scenes featuring Ashley Schaeffer were filmed at BB&T Coastal Field, as well as additional shooting in the Atlantic Beach area of town. Based on The Digitel Myrtle Beach's on-site report (and approved Flickr photoset), some of the footage being shot was for a very pivotal plot point. We have since learned that Craig Robinson is reprising his role as Kenny Powers’ arch-nemesis Reg Mackworthy.
  • Spoiler Alert: Depending on how much thought you put into the final season plot / characters, this may or may not come as a surprise to you. Besides the return of Eduardo Sanchez, we will treat this other bit as a spoiler, so please highlight to read or visit the link at your own risk:
    We will get to meet Kenny Powers mom. Not a huge shock, really.
  • August 2011 Update 1: After a week off, season 3 filming has resumed and will be concluded 3 weeks before Danny McBride's son is born (due sometime in September). So in other words, the final season will be wrapped by the end of August - early September. Here is a photoset from filming in Carolina Beach taken late July. Nothing too exciting, but you can see Kenny Powers has upgraded from that crappy scooter he had in Mexico, to a new motorcycle. Nice whitetrash shirt too, Kenny.
  • July 2011 Update 3: Just in case he has not blown up enough recently... TVGuide is reporting that funnyman Jason Sudeikis, Mr. Fake Chow, has been cast to portray a “gullible and enthusiastic baseball player” who is a new friend of Kenny Powers. In other words, perfect casting. We are guessing Kenny Powers will mentor this young ballplayer (catcher?), and Stevie will get jealous again. And one more thing — Will Ferrell is confirmed to return as Ashely Schaeffer.
  • July 2011 Update 2: Last week filming got underway in Myrtle Beach, SC, but scheduled filming dates were most likely cut short due to some location permits not being approved in time. An open casting call was held, along with quite a turnout of on-lookers outside BB&T Coastal Field, where several scenes were shot featuring Matthew McConaughey. Other locations included Family Kingdom and the boardwalk. Film crews will return to Myrtle Beach before Season 3 wraps, but details of this additional filming are not known at this time. Production has now moved on to Carolina Beach, NC near Wilmington, which doubles as Kenny Powers hometown of Shelby, NC.
  • July 2011 Update 1: According to articles by The Digitel Myrtle Beach, TheSunNews.com, and SCnow.com, Eastbound & Down Season 3 begins filming on location in Myrtle Beach from July 5-9, 2011. They are filming at locations around the city including Ocean Boulevard, miniature golf courses, and BB&T Coastal Field where the Myrtle Beach Pelicans play baseball. Matthew McConaughey will also be on hand to reprise his role as Texas Rangers scout Roy McDaniel. [no surprise the baseball scout is appearing this season so we do not consider that a spoiler]
  • June 2011 Update 2: Eastbound & Down Season Three should begin filming within the next few weeks on location in Myrtle Beach, SC. So what team will Kenny Powers play for? As reported below, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans are in fact an affiliate of the Texas Rangers (Single A). A-ball is a low minor league level (still more competitve than Charros), and HBO might not be able to use the official team name due to licensing and trademarks (MLB / MiLB). Will the team get “re-named” for show purposes, or does Kenny Powers have to “suck it up” and resume his comeback from one of the lowest levels in professional baseball?
  • June 2011 Update 1: Season 2 ended with Kenny Powers signing a contract to play for the Texas Rangers minor league affiliate in Myrtle Beach, SC. Turns out, the team does exist — the Myrtle Beach Pelicans compete at the Advanced A level for the Rangers. The Digitel Myrtle Beach just reported that shooting began this week at their stadium (BB&T Coastal Field), although no actors were present. CarolinaLive.com has video footage of the crew filming, which appears to either be test footage, or background baseball game action.
  • May 2011 Update 2: According to this article, Ana de la Reguera (actress who plays Vida) would be interested in making an appearance in Season 3, even though it takes place in Shelby, NC. Her idea is to have Vida return as a mega-star on tour, or have Vida and Kenny be a “power couple or something.” Her return to the show has not been confirmed by the creative team.
  • May 2011 Update 1: In this video clip, Danny McBride gets interviewed by Peter Travers. (Very surprised to see he is a huge fan of Kenny Powers). McBride further defends their decision for only 3 seasons, and explains the general direction the final season will be heading in. Which we kinda already know...
  • April 2011 Update 2: On April 6th, 2011 Danny McBride was on the ESPN Scott Van Pelt Show. He mostly talks about Your Highness, but does offer up some plot details for Season 3. This is the final season, it ends how they had always envisioned it, and Kenny Powers is trying to balance the responsibilities of fatherhood and a baseball comeback, while trying “not to stand in his own way.” Sounds perfect.
  • April 2011 Update 1: At a tribute show in LA, Danny McBride once again confirmed Eastbound & Down Season 3 will be the last. Many people on the internet have a problem with this, but we like the decision — Kenny Powers needs to go out on top, without getting stale. April, Stevie, and Maria are all back, but nothing was confirmed for John Hawkes. Based on the video link posted below, no reason to think Dustin won't be back though.
  • March 2011 Update 3: TMZ recently caught up with Danny McBride at the airport in this video. McBride confirms they are currently writing season 3, it sounds like they want John Hawkes back (Dustin Powers), and he hints that this will in fact be the final season.
  • March 2011 Update 2: It’s pretty common knowledge that Eastbound & Down Season 3 is the final season. However, according to this Hollywood Reporter article, it looks like HBO would not mind more seasons of the show. But please take that report very lightly. Based on previous quotes from the show creators, and their many new projects they are undertaking, we doubt this would happen.
  • March 2011 Update: Finally some solid news on Eastbound & Down Season 3! According to Hunter Stephenson’s latest Your Highness feature, Jody Hill and Danny McBride are currently writing the third season, with production starting in fall of 2011. The final season will air sometime in 2012.
  • February 2011 Update: No news to report for February. So instead, check out Hunter Stephenson's new series of Your Highness sneak peak articles: BULLSHITIN’ IN BELFAST and “KRULL” MEETS “BARRY LYNDON”. Eastbound & Down and Kenny Powers are referenced in both...
  • Comedy Awards: Congratulations to Eastbound & Down for its two nominations for Comedy Awards: Comedy Series, and Danny McBride for Comedy Actor TV. Please vote to support our favorite show: Vote for Comedy Series | Vote for Danny McBride.
  • January 2011 Update: Really not much to report right now facts-wise, so we will just speculate instead... It would not be surprising that Eastbound & Down Season 3 does not air until Jan-Feb 2012 at the earliest. According to IMDB, show writer Sean Harwell has 2 open projects, (McBride is supposed to star in "The Chadster" but IMDB removed details), and that L.A.P.I. is in-production, involving McBride, David Gordon-Green, and Jody Hill. In other words, parts / all of the creative team could be booked indefinitely throughout 2011.
  • December 2010 Update: Before the finale of Boardwalk Empire last night, HBO did a small spot for all of their upcoming 2011 programming. We know Eastbound & Down Season 3 was picked up, but it did not appear in this segment. So it looks like we will be waiting until 2012 to see anything new out of Kenny Powers?
  • November 2010 Update: Steve Little recently did an interview with Vulture about the development and wardrobe of the character Stevie Janowski. At the end of the interview, Steve says he does not “want to make any predictions”, but there are some plot ideas being floated around for Stevie and Kenny in season 3.
  • October 2010: Variety confirms that HBO has picked up Eastbound and Down Season 3.


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