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Season 3: Eastbound and Down Chapter 15

Eastbound and Down Chapter 15 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Kenny Powers is watching S.W.A.T. with Toby, growing more and more impatient for April to return home. After filling her voicemail, he eventually figures out that she abandoned both of them, and decides to go track her down. Kenny fashions together some diapers with a sponge, kitchen towels, and duct tape, before taking the child on the Can Am without a car seat.

After borrowing Shane’s truck, the P*ssy Rocket, Kenny breaks into April’s house to look for her. Finding no clues, he moves on to Henderson Realty to interrogate her boss Jamie, who can’t believe April would leave Toby in Kenny Powers’ care. Jamie is even more shocked to learn Kenny is carrying the baby around in a backpack, but Kenny assures him it’s okay since he poked some holes, and there’s lettuce to eat inside the bag.

Interrupting a trust fall at the school, Kenny begs Cutler for any information on April’s possible whereabouts, but comes up empty there too. Cutler relishes in Kenny Powers’ misfortunes, taking several chances to rub it in, then wishes the baby good luck in life since he has two horrible parents.

Moving on to Stevie and Maria’s, there is an eviction notice on their front door, and the apartment is filled with boxes of books. We learn that Stevie and Maria financed Kenny Powers’ Mexican chronicles, “The Powers of Now”, which was a total bust. Maria now hates Kenny Powers, and tells him Stevie works at KIA.

Kenny tells Stevie that he has to quit his BS job, and come back to work for him to help find April. Stevie feels used, knowing that Kenny is only there because he requires help again. They argue over the failure of “The Powers of Now”, but get interrupted by the owner of KIA, Ashley Schaeffer. Kenny tries to take Stevie with him, but Schaeffer won't allow it, as if Stevie is some kind of prisoner there. Ashley Schaeffer flicks Kenny in the nuts for good measure, and sends him on his way without Stevie.

Kenny continues his desperation tour by visiting Dustin’s family. They are worried about April’s disappearance, and also the well-being of Toby while in Kenny Powers’ care. Kenny explains he cannot balance a baseball comeback and a baby at the same time, and pleads with them to raise Toby as their own, which they decline.

With his request rejected, Kenny Powers decides he cannot keep the baby, explaining to Toby that there is no way he could be a good father, if he can’t even keep his own life in check. In the darkest moment of the entire series, Kenny re-enacts the scene from the Ten Commandments, by floating Toby down the river on a raft in his bassinet.

Luckily he has a quick change of heart, and jumps back in the water to save his son. Still needing help, Kenny goes back to Stevie’s, but he is at Ashley Schaeffer’s plantation home working a banquet. Peering through the window, Kenny Powers realizes this is now a rescue mission, since Schaeffer forced Stevie to dress up as a geisha girl named Cherry Blossom, for entertaining the KIA motors VIPs. Kenny acts fast, climbing through a window, and channels his inner Butch from Pulp Fiction by grabbing a civil war era sword to liberate Stevie with.

Stevie tells Schaeffer off, but during the showdown, Kenny gets hit over the head with a golf club by Schaeffer’s son Gabriel. Now held captive, Kenny volunteers to run Schaeffer’s gauntlet of cannon fire to free them, but only if Stevie agrees to move to Myrtle Beach. Just when it looks like they won’t survive, Maria off-roads onto the property in Shane’s truck, and saves Kenny and Stevie from the clutches of Ashley Schaeffer.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski as Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom. Maybe Stevie’s funniest moment ever on the show...

Stevie was already getting abused at Schaeffer Kia, but then Ashley forced him to dress as a geisha girl to entertain Korean businessmen during a banquet at his house.

Luckily Kenny Powers saved the day, and set him free.

Kenny Powers’ Parenting Skills

Baby Toby

1. Be careful giving your 1 year old Pepsi. Their body might reject it.

2. If you don't have any diapers, you can fashion your own from household products like sponges, kitchen towels, and duct tape. Change once daily.

3. Kids don’t need car seats. Just hold them on your lap, or use a big person’s seatbelt instead.

4. It’s okay to use a backpack as a baby carrier if you punch holes in it, and place lettuce inside so the kid can eat healthy.

5. Did anybody else notice that Kenny left Toby in the truck when he went inside Schaeffer KIA?

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