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Season 4: Eastbound and Down Chapter 27

Eastbound & Down Chapter 27 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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The last chapter foreshadowed what would unfold in this episode - either Kenny’s job or marriage would be lost. Using his own unorthodox methods, and much to his credit, Kenny actually chose to fight for both. The “old” Kenny Powers would have walked away from one or the other without a fight (most likely April again). But this Kenny Powers is different — almost as if he’s seeking redemption on a grand scale. Like trying to get into heaven...

One of those kids Stevie named after Kenny is having a birthday party at a rollerskating rink, but April is not being very celebratory. Kenny tries to lighten the mood by listing the positives in her life — beautiful children, a wealthy husband, and loving friends. After April points out he’s chased their friends off, Kenny tries to cheer her up the only way he knows how lately - with money, offering up the elusive American Express Black card.

This makes April more upset, explaining she does not care about money, and only wants Kenny to work on their marriage, to make it the best it can possibly be. If things don't start to work, they will need to explore “other options”, but Kenny ends the conversation by telling April that divorce is for losers, and they aren’t losers. Back at home in the garage, Kenny confides in Toby that he’s worried he married somebody who sucks, then likening himself to Dakota — “a wild animal stuck in the chains of suburbia.”

During a new taping of Sports Sesh, Guy Young goes on the offensive to regain control over Kenny. With a new cut-in, Guy’s Tossin’ It Up, he interrupts Kenny for being boring, then brings female tennis star Candie Cox on the show. She makes gay jokes about Kenny Powers, but of course Kenny insults her back, with a crude period joke everyone finds grossly offensive. The show goes to commercial, and Kenny returns from a bathroom break to a laughing crew and audience. In a dirty trick, Guy Young left Kenny’s mic on, and everyone heard the motivational speech he was giving himself in the toilet.

After the humiliating taping, Kenny Powers checks out the now operational Taters N Tits food kiosk at the mall. It turns out Stevie has pimped out Maria to the restaurant, paying for her giant new boobs to attract customers. Kenny impatiently tells him the tactic better work, cause he’s starting to second guess their business venture, and the new two front war he’s about to be engaged in — his marriage, and Guy Young. Stevie immediately worries about their financial well being, then devises a plan for Kenny to get his marriage back on track, while he neutralizes Guy Young.

After a visit with Dixie for some intel on April, Kenny meets up with Stevie for more details about his solution to their Guy Young problem. Following Kenny’s guidelines from earlier, Stevie hired a “gianormous” man named Joel for intimidation. Their plan was for him to confront Guy, deliver some dialogue about how Kenny needs more screen time, then some physical violence as he saw fit.

With their scheme in place, Kenny heads to the lake for some jet pack relaxation, but Guy Young was already there for the same reason. They hover over to each other for a showdown, where Guy blames Kenny for everything, and threatens to finish him once and for all at Friday’s taping. Kenny may have actually tried to make peace, pleading there was room on the show for both of them, but Guy Young scoffed at his offering.

That evening, Kenny throws April a surprise party to remind her how awesome her life is, and “how cool” everything is between her and Kenny. April does not know many of the guests wearing masks with her likeness on them, except for the spaghetti group and Jamie, who Kenny chartered in from Orlando. With a priest on hand, Kenny intended for them to renew their wedding vows, which was an idea April was not necessarily wild about.

The festivities are briefly interrupted by Stevie, who informs Kenny their plan for an Alabama Beat Down of Guy Young failed miserably. Not only did their henchman Joel get his ass kicked, but Guy Young spotted Stevie at the scene of the crime, chasing after him. Kenny is irate with Stevie, and won’t let him in the house to party since he failed him.

Back inside, the patented Kenny Powers meltdown we have been waiting all season for finally happens, amplified by a karaoke mic. April passes on singing a duet, and when Gene and Dixie try to step in on her behalf, Kenny starts to heat up. He threatens to punch Gene, instead shoving him, surprisingly telling the truth about the cocaine party. His next target is Tel, who he berates for trying to be white, questioning how much chicken tikka masala he actually consumes.

Done making fun of their friends, Kenny Powers turns his growing anger onto April, confronting her about what it takes for him to make her happy. In his eyes nothing works, so he starts screaming out a checklist of the materialistic items that are “not enough” for her: the party, luxuries, fancy cars, expensive fur coats, fine jewelry, and chinas. Kenny furiously asks her if she wants him to quit his job, then snarls that if anyone wants to take his television job, it will be over his dead body.

When Kenny Powers finally shuts up, April asks him to leave. Realizing he took things too far, he attempts to smooth things over, but April is done with both him, and their marriage. Kenny storms out of the house, proclaiming April’s event the “worst goddamn fix my marriage party ever.” Before speeding off, Kenny pulls out a six shooter, freeing Dakota of his chains.

The next day at the studio, Kenny makes a peace offering to Guy Young, and begs for his job back. Conceding victory to Guy, Kenny promised to keep himself in check, and explained his personal situation. Instead of accepting Kenny’s olive branch, Guy Young proceeds to grind salt into Kenny’s wounds. Guy calls him a loser, tells him they were never friends, and explains Kenny was not good enough to be on his stage, instead belonging in the stands with the moron viewers who would gladly take a bite of Guy Young’s sh*t if given the opportunity. Guy Young even dared to use Kenny Powers’ catchphrase against him, telling him “he’s f*cking out”, and fired.

But the victory would not last long, since Guy Young was just beaten at his own game. Kenny used the hot mic trick on Guy, and everyone just heard everything he said backstage. With the audience turning on him, Guy scampers off while Kenny Powers relishes the defeat of his rival. Kenny might have lost April, but he won control of Sports Sesh.

Stevie's Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Stevie’s best moment revolved around Maria’s new giant fake boobs, cause that’s what pimps do...

When Stevie wasn't busy groping or suckling at them in the middle of the mall, he was like a proud poppa insisting Kenny take a look at the final product(s).

When planning their moves on Guy Young, Stevie also promised Kenny “I’m gonna skin him alive and make a lamp out of his skin.”

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