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Season 4: Eastbound & Down

Character Guide - Season 4 (The Final Season)

The fourth season plot is centered around Kenny and his family, so there are not too many new major characters added for season 4.

Note: This character guide is for Season 4. See these pages for characters from season 3 in Myrtle Beach, season 2 in Mexico, or season 1 characters.

New Characters

Guy Young
Guy Young
played by: Ken Marino
Guy Young is an ex-teammate of Kenny Powers, and witnessed the “vintage KP” party days in Atlanta firsthand.
Now that he’s retired, Guy is the lead host of Sports Sesh, a roundtable format sports show.
He thought Dontel was ruining his show, so he invited Kenny Powers on the program to take him out. His plan worked on the second try, and now there’s a new pain in the ass co-host on the Sesh.
Dontel Benjamin
Dontel Benjamin
played by: Omar Dorsey
Dontel Benjamin is an ex-basketball player, turned co-host of Sports Sesh.
Known to be obnoxious and argumentative, Dontel uses rude hand gestures and his “na, na, na, na, na” catchphrase to interrupt show guests and other co-hosts.
At first he embarrassed Kenny Powers, but then he got shown up, and shoved off the stage by Kenny during his second appearance. Doubt we have seen the last of Dontel...
Jed Forney
Jed Forney
played by: Jon Reep
Jed Forney is a 3-time Winston Cup racing champion, and co-host on Sports Sesh.
He is also the owner of an un-named chicken franchise (chicken chains), that has been described as “nasty ass.”
Kenny Powers will probably seek some franchise and investment advice from Jed at some point.
Jimmy Clay
Jimmy Clay
played by: Michael Beasley
Jimmy Clay is a retired Hall of Fame linebacker, who has co-hosted on Sports Sesh for 6 years.
Jimmy is described as a “laid back character until someone pushes his buttons.”
When Kenny Powers made his first appearance on the Sesh, Jimmy critiqued his Run-DMC black jeans, and tassled cowboy shirt.
The Neighbors (Gene and Dixie)
The Neighbors (Gene and Dixie)
played by: Tim Heidecker Jillian Bell
Gene and Dixie are the Powers’ straight-laced neighbor friends. In actuality, they are friends with April, and have to put up with Kenny.
You get the impression they are miserable in their own lives, but they definitely take pleasure in watching Kenny fail, and April having to cope.
After Kenny socked Gene in the face, both families’ friendships will become very awkward, or end soon.

Old Characters

April Powers, Toby, and Shayna
April Powers, Toby, and Shayna
played by: Katy Mixon
After Toby, Kenny and April had a daughter Shayna, named after Shane Dog.
While Kenny was busy working at the rental car company, April was the true breadwinner of the family with her award winning real estate skills.
April was afraid she would lose Kenny Powers the husband if he got famous again. But she supports his TV career — so far.
The Janowskis
Stevie Janowksi
played by: Steve Little Elizabeth De Razzo
During the past 5 years, Stevie and Maria have cranked out 4 kids — Kenny, Kendall, Kendra, and (no name).
The kids hate Stevie and treat him with zero respect, just like Maria does. Stevie can barely make ends meet for the family, or get his d*ck to work.
At first he declined another adventure with his ex-idol Kenny Powers, but now he’s on board with his new quest for fame and fortune.

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