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Eastbound & Down Season 4 Preview

One such legend would be re-born, to rise again, like a mighty phoenix — one last time...

Kenny Powers: The Final Season

Season three was supposed to be the final season, but now season four officially marks the series finale. HBO even announced that Eastbound & Down had been “cancelled” a few months back. But don’t be too upset, cause we’d bet good money this is not the last we have seen of Kenny F*ckin‘ Powers.

Kenny Powers and April Buchanan

The Premise:

Kenny Powers finally fulfilled his destiny and made a successful return to major league baseball, then literally walked away from the game, choosing family life with April and Toby over his career.

But instead of retiring like a normal player, Kenny Powers faked his own death, cause the media would have never left them alone. Season 4 picks up several years later, and concentrates on the one aspect of the Kenny Powers story the creators have never been able to tell — family life in the Powers household.

As Danny McBride put it, “Something we never really got to explore with the show that we always wanted to was what life would be like once April and Kenny were together.”

Predicting Kenny Powers’ Final Season

Kenny Powers in the studio

Kenny Powers quit baseball to become a family man. Here’s how we think he’ll f*ck it all up:

The main story arc to season 4 might be a front-row seat to what a domesticated Kenny Powers looks like, but the subplot will be his ongoing struggle with the choice to live an ordinary lifestyle. Remember, he had to kill Kenny Powers the Legend, so that Kenny Powers the Man could endure as patriarch of the family.

After years of languishing in a boring 9 to 5 routine with kids, Kenny Powers has grown to regret the decision, since he has zero notoriety, fame, or fortune. Kenny Powers can’t take his mundane life anymore, so he swallows his pride, and begs his old ballplayer buddy Guy Young for a job on the Sports Sesh TV show.

Now that he’s back on TV, Kenny’s instantly famous again, with “everybody wanting a piece of his sh*t”, as he once said. Kenny Powers is back on top, and killing it on his new gig. Of course everything goes straight to that mullet covered ego, allowing the return of the @sshole that we all know and love. Everyone buckle up, cause part of this season will show exactly what the mighty KP is like when things are going his way — kinda like those K-SWISS ads.

Usually Kenny Powers is like a cat, and manages to land on his feet, but this final season will be different. Things will travel full circle for Kenny Powers, and much like season 1, he will be left with nothing, after burning bridges, draining his bank account, and ditching April once again, to make a Kenny Powers biopic in Hollywood.

Be sure to check out our Season 4 Character Guide for some new characters.

More Predictions for the Final Season

Kenny Powers is famous again

These are not spoilers, and just pure speculation on our part. Here‘s some more predictions about the final season:

  • Audiobook: Kenny Powers’ guide to raising a child.
  • Toby: Hopefully there’s a mullet growing.
  • April: Breadwinner of the family, Kenny feels inadequate.
  • Work: Kenny Powers will do a myriad of customer service based jobs.
  • Children’s Sports: Regardless of what sport Toby plays, Kenny will get in a fight with another parent at the game.
  • Stevie: Has more than 1 kid, cause he got Shane / Cole's sister pregnant at the funeral.
  • Household Pet: Toby has outgrown Spurgeon the Hermit Crab, and upgrades to a dog. And it hates Kenny.
  • Maria: After the incident last season, she will have total control over Stevie’s every move. He’s gonna be whipped bad.
  • Unveiling: Kenny Powers has a Little League field dedicated to him, and completely ruins the event.
  • Current Events: Sports Sesh will cover modern day athlete topics such as handguns, DUI, drugs, and murder.
  • Dontel Benjamin: He will hate Kenny Powers with a passion, and argue with him on Sports Sesh non-stop. Lots of yelling, like Skip Bayless and his guests.
  • Guy Young: Dies of some kind of alcohol/drug overdose like Shane.
  • Lohan: She will be Kenny and Tracy's love child.

Elizabeth DeRazzo Interview

Maria as Mexican Grimace

Elizabeth DeRazzo did an interview with us for season three, and luckily she agreed to help us out with our season preview again this year.

She discusses Maria‘s wardrobe, her favorite episodes, Stevie and porn, the psyche of Kenny Powers, and what we can look forward to in the final season.

Judging by her response, I think we might be onto something with Stevie having kids...

Elizabeth can be followed on Twitter here.

Did you know there was a chance Season 4 was happening this soon, or were you just as surprised as everyone else with the announcement?

I had heard a couple of rumors during production but I think I knew for sure after we did our reshoots. Although my memory is horrible so it could have been much later.

Maria has worn a lot of interesting clothes on the show. What is your favorite outfit of hers to date? Will it be outdone this season?

My favorite outfit up until season 3 was definitely the FUBU one aka Mexican Grimace. This season however feels like it might definitely out do the others and I have already worn a couple of outfits that I’d like to keep after.

Eastbound is known for sticking to the script for a few takes, then improv. Which one of your scenes have you cracked up in the most, whether it was your fault or another actors?

I feel like I crack up all the time! LOL There is this one scene from last season, I believe it’s in the deleted scenes. It was Kenny, Stevie and Maria at a restaurant, Danny and Steve were doing a bit of improv and at one point the manager of the restaurant, who had beef with Kenny, says, “Hey Kenny, who’s that tranny sitting with you?” Obviously referring to Stevie but Steve of course yells back, “Her name is Maria!” and I just couldn’t stop from laughing out loud.

Whether you have acted in the episode or not, what is your favorite Eastbound & Down chapter? Why?

It’s a tie between Chapter 6 (S1 Ep6) and Chapter 21 (S3 Ep8) I would choose both of those because in ch. 6 he seems to be getting everything he wanted but then finds out that he isn’t and walks away from April. Then in ch. 21 I feel like it came full circle for them. I’ve been outed, I’m a Kenny/April shipper!

Are there any new characters we can look forward to meeting this season? Like Janowski parents?

We definitely have some new faces joining us this season but I’ll let that be a surprise.

Last season that thing happened with Stevie and a rubber object. Do you think he will ever want to watch porn again?

Stevie is most definitely a little freaky in bed but I think he might be too traumatized from that experience to ever really enjoy porn again. Although, I don’t know that I can say the same for Maria.

The most interesting dynamic to the Kenny Powers character has to be the question — can he really be that much of a selfish dick ALL the time? Is the answer "yes", or do you think its possible somewhere deep down inside, he really does care about those close to him?

I believe that he really cares about the people close to him, he just has a very difficult time showing it. Deep down, I think Kenny is a sensitive person and all the stuff he does or says is a preemptive strike against those who could hurt him.

On that note, Maria completely despises Kenny Powers for always using Stevie, and being a bad influence. Did his rescue of Cherry Blossom from Schaeffer Plantation help his standing with Maria? Will Kenny and Maria have more of a mutual respect now?

I think Maria has come to understand Kenny and there will be some new found respect there.

Danny McBride has already stated that Season 4 takes places a few years after the end of last season. With Kenny Powers "dead", we would imagine Stevie has been a model citizen. Did he require grief counseling to cope with the loss of his idol? Did Maria help him pull through it okay?

I can’t really say much without giving anything away so I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Not like you will tell us, but Stevie does end up being the father of 2 kids, right? He and Maria's, and also Shane / Cole's sister from the funeral?


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