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Eastbound & Down – News, Reviews, and Interviews

Below is a collection of show news and articles, cast interviews, and reviews of Eastbound & Down. All links open in a new window.

Please check Eastbound & Down Season 3 news page if you are looking for production news updates about the upcoming season.

News & Articles

Kenny Powers on TV
Eastbound & Down Season 4
Eastbound & Down’s Spectacular Final Season
posted on: Grantland.com
‘Eastbound & Down’ Cast Talks Drugs, Tequila at Season Four Premiere
posted on: Variety
Eastbound & Down: Danny McBride’s HBO series is as bleak as Breaking Bad, and a lot funnier.
posted on: Slate.com
Kenny Powers Is F---ing Out: A visit to the set of Eastbound & Down on the eve of its final season
posted on: Grantland.com
Kenny Powers Boogie Board
Eastbound & Down Season 3
You're Effin' Out: The Spectacular Eastbound & Down Finale
posted on: Grantland
Eastbound & Down: The Best F---ing Show On HBO
posted on: MTV
Eastbound & Down wraps up season three with triumph and tragedy
posted on: HitFix
Eastbound & Down: In a league of its own
posted on: LA Times
Ex-pro Teaches Kenny Powers How to Pitch for Real
posted on: ESPN
The Gifted Young Athlete: An open letter from Kenny Powers to Tim Tebow
posted on: Grantland
Danny McBride Previews The New Season Of Eastbound & Down, Explains The K-Swiss Commercials
posted on: Cinema Blend
Third season renewals for 'Eastbound & Down,' 'Bored to Death'
posted on: Variety
Kenny Powers Charros Poster
Eastbound & Down Season 2
Eastbound & Down Screening @ Levi’s Workshop
posted on: Viceland.com
Eastbound & Down to Party
posted on: Interview Magazine
The Southern Boys Behind Eastbound & Down Send Kenny Powers' Ass to Mexico
posted on: Vice Magazine
Marilyn Manson's Mullet
posted on: Interview Magazine
Eastbound & Down Season Dos is Almost Here
posted on: Vice Magazine
EB&D in PR
posted on: Vice Magazine
'Eastbound & Down' Heads to Mexico For Season 2, Taps New Regulars
posted on: Deadline.com
SXSW: David Gordon Green Gives Up Season 2 'Eastbound & Down' Details
posted on: The Playlist
Update on Eastbound & Down Season 2
posted on: / Film
Kenny Powers is F’ing In. Eastbound and Down to Return For Second Season
posted on: Film Junk
HBO renews Eastbound & Down
posted on: Variety
Kenny Powers Reading the Newspaper
Eastbound & Down Season 1
Jody Hill and EB&D Makes Wired's Pop Culture’s Finest Moments of 2009
posted on: Wired
Two TV series with Wilmington connections nominated for Writers Guild awards
posted on: Star News Online
Eastbound & Down Debuts in UK
posted on: The Mirror (UK)
Eastbound & Down: Offending, Entertaining Everyone Possible
posted on: ABC News
A down-and-dirty comedy on HBO
posted on: The New Yorker
HBO series works to bring true South to TV
posted on: Star News Online
Eastbound and Down wraps filming in Wilmington
posted on: Star News Online
New HBO TV series Eastbound and Down unites old friends
posted on: Star News Online

Series Reviews and Pop Culture

Kenny Powers Standing
Eastbound & Down Reviews and Pop Culture
Collection Of Some Badass Kenny Powers Fan Art
posted on: uproxx.com
Kenny Powers Is an American Cult Hero
posted on: Vulture / NY Mag
The Four Playoff Pitchers Most Like Kenny Powers
posted on: MTV.com
Eastbound & Down, McBride Nominated for Comedy Awards
posted on: TheComedyAwards.com
Hey Ron! – “Kenny Powers Sucks”
posted on: Viceland.com
Review by Ken Tucker
posted on: EW
Review by Ray Richmond
posted on: Hollywood Reporter


Kenny Powers Yelling
Danny McBride
Danny McBride Talks About the Final Season of ‘Eastbound & Down’
posted on: VICE
Danny McBride on Eastbound & Down, Cursing at Children, and Working With Lindsay Lohan
posted on: Vulture / NY Mag
The GQ&A: Danny McBride
posted on: GQ
Kenny Powers and the Unlikely Rise of Danny McBride
posted on: Rolling Stone
Danny McBride Previews The New Season Of Eastbound & Down, Explains The K-Swiss Commercials
posted on: Cinema Blend
Danny McBride on the Future of Eastbound & Down, His Accidental Acting Career, and 30 Minutes or Less
posted on: Vulture / NY Mag
Danny McBride on Your Highness, Up in the Air and Eastbound & Down
posted on: Collider.com
Fast-rising Star Danny McBride Set to Debut His Brand New Comedy
posted on: The Daily Record (UK)
Q & A: Danny McBride
posted on: Time Magazine
Eastbound & Down with Danny McBride
posted on: IGN
The Two-Fisted Danny McBride Interview!
posted on: Coming Soon
Media Blitz with Danny McBride
posted on: ESPN
HBO’s Eastbound and Down With Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, and Ben Best. (Cameo by Gina Gershon)
posted on: / Film
Danny McBride plays washed-up ballplayer for HBO
posted on: Star News
Jody Hill Sitting on Bench
Jody Hill
Is 'Eastbound & Down' Ending? Even Show Co-Creator Jody Hill Isn't Sure
posted on: IndieWire
Q-and-A with “Eastbound” co-creator
posted on: MyrtleBeachOnline.com
Jody Hill Tells Us Almost Nothing About Season 2 of Eastbound & Down
posted on: NY Times
Part 1: Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers’s Mullet, “Stevie’s Dark Secret,” and Race, Drugs, and Religion in the American South
posted on: Slashfilm.com
Part 2: Observe & Report, the “Sex Scene Controversy,” Mall Hate, Parents, The Foot Fist Way, and a “Southern Godfather”
posted on: Slashfilm.com
Eastbound But Not Down
posted on: CHUD
Jody Hill Exclusive Video Interview
posted on: Collider
Other Cast Interviews
Jason Sudeikis Interview
posted on: AV Club
Steve Little Talks The Catechism Cataclysm
posted on: Movieweb.com
Eastbound & Down's Steve Little Explains the Genesis and IQ of Stevie Janowski
posted on: Vulture / NY Mag
Will Ferrell Talks About Sports And His New Project, Eastbound and Down
posted on: The Sporting News
Best brings homegrown humor to Eastbound
posted on: Star News Online

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