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Season 2: Eastbound & Down Chapter 11

Eastbound & Down Chapter 11 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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The moral of the story to this chapter in Kenny Powers' life is that the apple asshole does not fall far from the tree... We get started with Kenny Powers and his dad, Eduardo Sanchez, having a bragging contest about who is more wealthy, who owns more worldy possessions, and means of travel.

Shortly after, Kenny gets introduced to Eduardo’s wife Soledad, and step-brother Caspar. Having a step-brother makes Kenny freak out, and he jealously thinks Caspar is trying to stand in the way of him bonding with his dad, which he is not going to stand for.

After going out on the Dirt Diablos ATV tour with Eduardo, Kenny feels that he and his father have bonded. While arguing over which vehicle is better - jetski or ATV, his dad makes the final, winning point to the debate. Kenny Powers looks up to his pop, and states that he has finally found what he is looking for in life.

Eventually Kenny wants some fatherly advice on quitting professional baseball. Eduardo Sanchez explains his whole philosophy on life, which is exactly the way Kenny has always done things — very egocentric and no regard for others. Eduardo’s advice validates all of Kenny’s past actions (quite ironic), since he is not going to worry about wronging people, or that he ruined his own life. Kenny is so content in his new found relationship with his dad, that he wants to stay in the village and work for him, helping out with ATV tours.

Stevie tells Kenny that lifestyle is beneath him, and needs to be on a baseball field surrounded by millions of people. Kenny is not interested, and takes offense to Stevie’s suggestion. He then tells Kenny that he lied about April being married to Cutler, and did it because he missed Kenny so much, and wanted the two of them to start their own “outlaw” lives together down in Mexico. After Kenny socks him in the face, Stevie tries to convince him that he can get April back, and they have to go home to America. But Kenny has found “his place”, and intends on taking dad's advice of not looking out for anybody else except for himself.

On another ATV excursion the next day, Kenny tells his dad that he wants to stay in Mexico with him, but just as he does, the police show up. Eduardo betrayed them, and tipped the Federales off to where the bandido car thieves were for a bounty. While sitting in jail, Kenny admits that he should have seen this all coming, since he and his dad are exactly the same, except that Kenny has talent. Soledad bails them out, and tells Kenny that Eduardo lied about everything, and he is just a mooch who does not own the ATV company.

Outside of jail, Kenny and his dad have it out in the car. Eduardo tells Kenny he is sorry for turning them in, and Kenny calls his bluff on all of the lies, and doesn't understand why he would make things up. All Kenny wanted was guidance, and instead his father screwed him over. Eduardo Sanchez points out that Kenny is not so high and mighty, running around Mexico doing the same thing — lying about his comeback to baseball. Kenny realizes he turned out exactly like his father, and tells him he doesn't want to be like him anymore.

Fleeing the village, Kenny and Stevie steal the Lambo again, this time by punching out the window. On the way back to Copales, Kenny uses a pay phone to call April, leaving her a message "I'm coming for 'ya" in her voicemail. Sounds like Kenny Powers is heading back to the United States, which is more than we are predicting for Stevie Janowski.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Besides talking dirty on the phone to Maria, Stevie taking a dump in Mexican jail was by far the best part of this chapter.

While sitting on the toilet, Stevie yells at the other prisoners to stop watching him poop, and lectures them that if they knew how to boil meat, or grill it properly, he wouldn’t have Montezuma's Revenge.

Check the top of the photo gallery for a good pic of Stevie sitting on the throne.

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