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Season 2: Eastbound and Down Chapter 8

Eastbound and Down Chapter 8 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Stevie Janowski starts things off with a bang, trying to track down leads on where Kenny Powers might be. Meanwhile, Kenny Powers is now practicing with the Charros, and gets called to Sebastian Cisneros’ house, the filthy-rich owner of the team.

He and Kenny seem to hit it off fairly well. Both enjoy racist jokes, and share a tough family up-bringing in common. Sebastian likes Kenny’s showmanship style, and agrees to promote the return of Kenny Powers in his first game back.

After the meeting, Kenny returns home to find his door jimmied open. Not knowing it is Stevie inside, Kenny draws his gun, and accidentally shoots his sidekick in the leg.

While Stevie heals, Kenny is worried that the team will try to steal his thunder during his return celebration, so he gives them a talking to about how they should just be happy to share the moment with him. Stevie explains how he was able to track Kenny down, but then makes the mistake of telling Kenny that April married Cutler after all.

Since Stevie reminds Kenny of back home, he throws him on a truck back to America, and starts to question if he even wants to go forward with his return, since he can longer have April. Kenny tricks Coach Hernandez into feeding his ego with a pep talk, to motivate him for the game. Using the American flag as a cape, Kenny Powers makes his over-the-top Latin debut to Hulk Hogan’s ring entrance music “Real American”.

Kenny Powers strikes out the only batter he faces, but nobody really seems to care, except for Kenny, who wants to see a show of support. Stevie shows up again, and after warning him of the dangers of Mexico, Kenny agrees to let him stay with him as his assistant once again.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Besides bragging about his open-ended ticket, Stevie once again had some classics:

1). “Look at me mom, look at me mom”.

2). “KENNY!!!” [gunshot to the leg]

3). Stevie is not allowed to play with the Powers boys by himself.

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