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Season 2: Eastbound & Down / Eastbound and Down Chapter 9

Eastbound & Down Chapter 9 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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After making fun of 3D technology, Kenny Powers shows up to the ballpark, only to find his promotional materials being taken down. He flips out about the lack of support, since getting anybody to love him is “a full-time job”, and he needs the love.

While making an appearance at the grand-opening of a Cisneros Supermarket, Kenny dons a mariachi outfit, or as he calls it the native “customary gowns and what-not.” Vida shows up, and Kenny invites her to Sebastian's yacht party for an ass-ton of crabs and Bartles & James.

Talking to Sebastian at the party, Kenny Powers has the epiphany that he may be an “ass man” after all, and not a “tit man” as he historically viewed himself as. After spending the night with Vida, Kenny also finds out that she has a son named Tony.

Stevie gets jealous of the fact that Kenny had another sidekick before him. Kenny confides in Stevie that he did not come to Mexico to get drunk and bang prostitutes, but instead to find answers. Eduardo Sanchez is part of the quest.

Stevie and Catuey take to the streets to promote the next Charros game, dubbing Kenny Powers “The White Flame”/ “La Flama Blanca.” The crowd has no life until Kenny ignites a benches clearing brawl, by throwing a pitch into the opposing team's dugout for heckling him.

The fight seems to unify the baseball team, and finally gains Kenny Powers the support of the villagers that he so desires. Kenny and Stevie go to meet Aaron and Hector, but they get taken again - $40 for a phone book, not the whereabouts of the mysterious Eduardo Sanchez. ***

Stevie wants to know more about Eduardo, but Kenny tells him that is a mystery for another day, and not to worry about it anymore since he has already found what he is looking for. It turns out, what Kenny Powers has discovered is that he wants to settle down with Vida, doing it “differently this time”, being a father figure to her son Tony. [Kenny Powers as a dad - scary thought]

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

More frequently, it is being implied that Stevie could quite possibly be a pedophile. Besides that, Stevie entertains in a few other scenes:

1.) Wearing Kenny's blue thong (not red like Aubrey Huff) he took from his dirty clothes hamper.

2.) Blowing / burning his mouth on a jalapeno pepper.

3.) Getting into it with Kenny's vertically challenged former sidekick Aaron.

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*** Prediction: Eduardo Sanchez will be the father of Kenny Powers. Pure speculation, but we think he will be played by Don Johnson.

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