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Season 3: Eastbound & Down Chapter 18

Eastbound & Down Chapter 18 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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The return of Eduardo Sanchez, and his shaved ape of a son Caspar! They shoplift their way through a border stop novelty store, grab a churro, and flee to safety in their RV. But who could they possibly be visiting in America?

Meanwhile, Kenny Powers uninvitedly drops by Andrea’s dorm room to apologize for the Cole twin gag gone wrong, and also to introduce her to Toby. She does not seem to be too interested in Kenny, or meeting his child.

In the clubhouse, Kenny Powers announces his big 4th of July bash to his teammates. He also finds out that Ivan Dochenko, AKA DJ Bluray, was hired to spin at the biggest party in town, Club Celebrations. Of course Kenny Powers is threatened by this, and takes a few more shots at Ivan, trying to assert himself as team leader.

Leaving the ballpark, Kenny discovers Eduardo Sanchez and Caspar waiting in the parking lot. Rightfully so, Kenny Powers is none to thrilled to see them, and rejects Eduardo’s olive branch, citing all of the wrongdoing in his life, including having him thrown in Mexican jail. Eduardo wants to make peace with Kenny, and re-connect with his mom, since he blames his own failures as a parent on his decision to abandon them years ago.

Kenny wants nothing to do with their plan to find mother Powers, and storms off on the Can Am. At the beach Kenny and Stevie are meeting with a party planner for the 4th of July bash, but Stevie seems very distracted. Kenny gets irritated with Stevie’s lack of attention, and stresses the importance of a successful party as a way to stay one step ahead of the Russian. Stevie fills Kenny in on his cheating, but Kenny slaps some sense into him, and advises him to handle it like a baller — confess nothing.

Back at Kenny’s oceanfront villa, he finds Eduardo and Caspar waiting for him one more time. Faking the need for a bathroom break, they try to get the mother’s whereabouts out of Kenny again, but he kicks them out of the house. Eduardo learns of his grandson, but Kenny’s paternalistic instincts kick in and he keeps Toby away from him.

While Kenny pays his respects to Shane over some McDonalds, Stevie tells Maria of his infidelity. She flips out, slapping Stevie, and leaves the house. When Kenny returns home he finds Eduardo and Caspar sitting inside taking care of the baby, but quickly pulls Toby away from Eduardo, who explains what happened between Stevie and Maria.

Hearing the news, Kenny Powers throws a tantrum similar to that of a six year old. He screams and yells, hiding his head under the couch cushion, all because he lost his childcare services, and might not be able to top Ivan with his own party now. As a way to help and earn back some of Kenny’s trust, he agrees to let Eduardo watch Toby for the night so he won't miss his party.

Eduardo assures Kenny everything will be fine, and that he deserves to party and feel good about himself. As Kenny dips into his drug stash, he honors the memory of Shane by tossing out the baggie of coke, deciding on some adderall instead. Kenny Powers gets suited up in his Uncle Sam costume, rides the Panty Dropper onto shore, and makes his grand entrance. But barely anyone is at the party, except for Caspar sitting in the VIP, and a few beat up hookers.

Kenny is panicking over the poor attendance, but decides to grab a drink and wait out the crowd. While Kenny’s party fails, Stevie mopes home, and finds a straight razor in the bathroom. Back at the “Team Leader Party”, Kenny takes a few rips of nitrous oxide, and decides its time to check out his rival Ivan’s event with Caspar.

Kenny makes his way up to the DJ booth, and takes his chance to “beat” Ivan by stealing the mic, and stopping the whole rave cold to invite everyone to his party instead. This trademark Kenny Powers meltdown begins by insulting Ivan, seeing Andrea in the crowd and dumping her publicly for being there, telling his teammates to F off, getting escorted offstage by security, and tripping on his face.

Feeling extremely angry and embarrassed, Kenny Powers starts shooting off roman candles inside the building filled with people to ruin the event for everyone. Kenny comes back home, where Eduardo sees a new angle on how to get in touch with his estranged wife. While Kenny quips that his life feels like the movie Requiem For a Dream, Eduardo starts convincing Kenny that his life was in fact better off without Toby, and that he should consider having his mom raise him.

Stevie walks into the kitchen to pound some vodka, and it turns out he used the straight razor to shave his eyebrows off, and his head bald. Eduardo convinces Kenny that he will not be able to manage his son and the major leagues, and agrees to call his mother for that reason. In a bowling alley a ladies league is having a tournament, and the camera stops on the female bowler using all of the foul language after a gutter ball. Hello Mrs. Powers.

Stevie's Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

This is the lowest we have ever seen Stevie go. He has hit rock bottom.

Stevie did the honorable thing and admitted to cheating on Maria, but he started to lose it after he told the truth.

Shaving his whole head like Mr. Clean, including the eyebrows, was his ultimate sign of self-punishment, but Maria is nowhere to be found to see his devotion.

Kenny Powers’ Parenting Skills

Baby Toby

1. Let your one year old crawl around the hallway of a college dorm. It’s perfectly safe there.

2. Babies are made chubby so if you drop them when they’re little they don’t break.

3. If you don’t have anything else to use, you can crush up your drugs with a baby rattle.

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