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Season 3: Eastbound and Down Chapter 19

Eastbound and Down Chapter 19 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Back in the bowling alley, Kenny Powers’ mom shows us where Kenny’s bad temper comes from. She offers up a typical “more important sh*t” insult, and right jab to her rival’s nose. In her driveway, Kenny, Stevie, and Caspar all take orders from Eddy Powers as to how their double-sided scam on Kenny’s mom will work.

Eddy hides, while they use Toby to distract Tammy Powers away from her better judgement. She is very happy to see her bragging son Kenny, but then Eddy Powers is revealed to her, with a much less enthusiastic reaction. Kenny’s mom calls Eduardo out on his twenty seven year long trip for cigarettes, and then knees him right in the nuts.

After five minutes of Eduardo being in her house Tammy Powers is on edge, and needs a dose of some pills from Kenny. They talk shop about pharmaceutical drugs, only to be interrupted by Eddy who wants to spend some family time together at the bowling alley. During their hang out, Kenny grows more disgusted by Eddy Powers’ constant hitting on his mother.

Kenny gets even more angry at Stevie for allowing Eddy to get all of the face time with his mom, instead of Toby. Before everyone turns in for the night, Eddy Powers gives an almost believable speech on the values of being sorry, and getting a fresh start, even after all of his mistakes over the years.

After Eduardo’s apology, Kenny gets a friendly reminder from his mother about sharing his stash of weed with her. They talk about the stresses in Kenny’s life, but he does not have the heart to bring up the Toby situation since his mother was commending him for being a such a great father. During a midnight snack Kenny catches Caspar and his dad trying to split with a box of expensive silverware, where Eddy admits the truth that everything was a ploy.

Eddy also dropped the bombshell that Kenny Powers came there to “ditch the kid”, leaving his mom to raise Toby. Tammy is very disappointed in her son, and explains that whether or not he has baseball or April, he will always have Toby. Kenny Powers admits his failures as a parent, citing how difficult raising a child is, and although she is disgusted with her son throwing in the towel, his mother agrees to keep Toby.

The next morning Kenny leaves, telling Toby not to hold things against him because it was “the only way.” At the same gas station he deserted April at, Kenny Powers has a change of heart with his decision. Telling Stevie that it’s a glorious day for redemption, Kenny Powers starts to head back inside the bowling alley for Toby, only to find Caspar and Eddy have the same plan in mind.

Obviously Kenny Powers is not to thrilled to see them, or have his thunder stolen during his triumphant return. Eddy explains to Kenny that they are alike, since they both bailed on their families and have returned to get them back. Besides that one similarity, Kenny denies the comparison.

In the middle of the bowling tournament, both Kenny and his dad emerge from inside the bowling lanes, knocking pins out of the way to crawl through. They both want back in Tammy’s good graces, and begin having a duel of apologies, trying to one up each other. Tammy Powers believes they both care, and since it would not be fair to judge two men that have either entered or exited her vagina, she accepts their apologies.

With the Powers family drama out of the way, the bowling tournament continues, with Tammy Powers emerging victorious. The family celebrates, and Tammy insists that Kenny and Stevie take the minivan to safely drive the baby back to Myrtle Beach.

Back at home, Kenny Powers puts on the spray painted shirt of he and April, while gripping a knuckleball in the mirror. It looks like Kenny Powers has a new pitch in his arsenal.

Stevie's Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Too bad this is another episode without enough Stevie Janowski. But we will cut him a break, since he was still grieving his poor decision, as evidenced by puking in the bushes while calling Maria’s name.

In one of his few lines of the episode, Stevie certainly delivered:

It looks like your dad is gonna get balls deep in your mom tonight...

Kenny Powers’ Parenting Skills

Baby Toby

1. Penthouse magazine serves multiples purposes. It can be used for bedtime stories, and for show and tell.

2. Infants can enjoy all you can eat crab dinners, just like adults.

3. Bongs make an excellent toy, just be sure not to get angry if the water gets spilled.

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