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Season 4: Eastbound and Down Chapter 25

Eastbound & Down Chapter 25 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Before leaving Congo Canyon, Gene tries to lie to Dixie about how he got the bruise on his face. After admitting Kenny hit him on accident, Dixie wants to drag April into it, but Gene promises he can handle the situation himself. Meanwhile, Kenny Powers has the kids in the garage with some raw chicken to learn a lesson on alpha-ness by feeding Dakota.

On TV, Jed Forney defeats Guy Young in the Sports Sesh Double Dog Challenge obstacle course event. Jed and other cast mates are worried about beating Guy, but Kenny finds it hard to believe Guy would care about losing, based on his days playing ball with him. The rest of the cast chimes in, warning Kenny that Guy is ultra competitive, but Kenny promises to have everyone’s back since they're all show mates.

After the show, Kenny and Guy grab lunch together. He praises Kenny’s work on the show, and Kenny tells him it feels like they are becoming best friends, something he’s not had since Shane Dog. Guy invites Kenny to compete in his charity Dragon Boat Race. Since Guy has turned Kenny’s life around, he agrees to participate in the charitable battle.

In need of a charity to represent at the race, Kenny turns to his trusty assistant to undertake the project. Stevie must find something dope to represent, and find it quick. In light of recent events, Kenny’s only guideline was the charitable cause could not be “save the limp dick foundation.”

While on the subject, Stevie enlightens him about his trip to the dick doctor, and how the problem is 100% mental. Kenny assumes that was good news, and proceeds to blame the problem on Stevie‘s “boner muscles” realizing no woman would ever find Stevie attractive. Stevie agrees, and Kenny berates him for spending zero time on his personal appearance, citing $6 haircuts, and plum colored shirts.

Kenny Powers starts the next morning off in his bathrobe, harassing the Mexican workers digging their new pool. While snapping pictures of their progress, he makes racist jokes to them about Amores Peros, chupacabras, and the lost city of El Dorado. To encourage more digging, he even gives away April’s great grandmother’s broach as an incentive.

April asks Kenny if Gene or Tel have been acting weird, and how they were not invited to a spaghetti night. Since April was worried something was going on, Kenny quickly spins out a plan to cover his ass about the hotel party. To set the groundwork, he fabricates a backstory that Gene’s been fibbing lately about Tel, using Chat Roulette to cheat on his wife.

When April admits she thinks Dixie was very judgmental about her drinking at the water park, Kenny sees a chance to bolster his defenses. He agrees, saying April probably offended Dixie, who is trying to turn it against her, and isolate them from the rest of the neighborhood. They both agree that “f*ck them” is the best way to deal with their situation.

With April no longer interested in being friends, Kenny must diffuse the other half of the situation - the guys. He confronts Gene and Tel at the golf course, and tells them to play like nothing happened at Congo Canyon. They agree to drop it, and then Kenny threatens both of them to leave the spouses out of it, throws their golf ball away, and runs Gene’s golf bag over.

Stevie takes Kenny Powers to a run down park, to reveal the charitable cause he will be putting his name on. Kenny will run a baseball academy for impoverished youth, or “little black kids” as he later describes it. Kenny is disappointed, and demands AIDS. Stevie explains AIDS charities are difficult to attain, but everyone does love poor black kids, and to get on board with the white guilt program.

Before going into Guy Young’s charity gala, Kenny is very proud of their new found elite social status, but warns April she needs to be on point when inside. During the event, Kenny is introduced to Jed Forney’s wife, and as soon as they walk away, Guy Young completely bashes him for being a lame, dull, ass-kiss. At first Kenny tried to defend Jed, but then just went along with it.

Over at the ghetto park, Kenny and Stevie introduce themselves to the children of Kenny Powers’ Extra Innings After School Baseball Camp. For his first lesson, Kenny explains that although their cause may not be the most interesting, his “honky ass” is there to represent them, and to amend for the atrocities they suffered at the hands of his ancestors. With Kenny Powers as their leader, he promised to win, crushing other charities, and bringing back cash money to fix their baseball park.

At home that night, April sees Gene and Dixie entertaining more guests without them, and wants to go investigate. Kenny can only dodge the truth about the cocaine party for so long, and suggests she send a text or an email instead. But April is not having it, and Kenny is forced to go across the street with her in person.

After barging into their house, April demands to know why they haven’t been getting invited to spaghetti dinner nights. She also tells Dixie it must have been because she was upset with her drinking at the water park. Dixie tells her that was not the issue, but instead Kenny Powers had punched her husband in the face.

April was shocked by the accusation, and Kenny immediately denied Gene’s “tall tales.” Realizing he was backed into a corner, Kenny Powers went to the contingency plan he had carefully orchestrated. With a concerned look on his face, Kenny began recalling the details of the party in the hotel room on the night in question.

He admitted the guys went upstairs in a room with girls, but it was too intense of a party. Just as you think Kenny might actually tell the truth (yeah right), he throws Gene under the bus for having unprotected sex with one of the girls. Everyone is in disbelief, and now Gene looks like a bigger liar to April, since Kenny had built his “fibbing” backstory earlier.

To explain the welt on Gene’s face, Kenny admitted he punched him out of disgust of his cheating. When Tel is asked to corroborate the story, Kenny tells everyone Tel watched it all happen, while masturbating. Tel’s wife mentions the cocaine, but things were so out of control by then with Gene getting yelled at, it didn’t even matter anymore. Kenny had successfully concealed the truth with more lies, and the craziest part was April actually believed the story.

The next day before the Dragon Boat Race, Dontel confronts Kenny and Guy, who dish out a barrage of jokes about him. Dontel isn’t phased, instead telling Kenny Powers that he feels sorry for him, since he now works for an insecure, backstabbing, a-hole. Dontel continues to accuse Guy of cutting him out of the show due to jealousy. While the accusations fly, we notice the seed getting planted in Kenny Powers’ head about Guy Young’s true intentions.

During the race, their boat is slowly losing ground to Dontel, and Guy keeps blaming Jed, who is rowing next to Kenny. Eventually Guy orders Kenny to throw Jed overboard, so the boat will move faster. Whether it was for his own gain, or to please Guy, Kenny shoves Jed right out of the boat.

Their boat wins the race, but Kenny now realizes Guy Young could also become a threat to his blossoming TV career. How much longer will these two alpha males be able to coexist on Sports Sesh?

Stevie's Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Kenny and Stevie had some entertaining exchanges about his boner problems and wardrobe.

While working with the inner city kids for charity, Stevie dressed like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

But his best moment came at end of episode, after a makeover with a new polo, a haircut, and freakishly bright blue contacts. Maria liked what she saw, and then Stevie asked if the kids were in bed “cause the d*ck is back.”

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