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Season 4: Eastbound & Down Chapter 24

Eastbound & Down Chapter 24 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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Thanks to Kenny Powers’ new permanent gig on television, the family will never have to worry about money again. To celebrate, Kenny buys lavish gifts, including a fair trade candle for April, a Louis Vuitton backpack for Shayna, and a purebred wolf for Toby. With Kenny gone a alot more, the wolf will serve as a spirit guide, and strong male role model for Toby, so he doesn’t ”turn out weird.”

Over at the TV studio, Kenny brags to Stevie how his role on Sports Sesh will help reach out to an elusive demographic - a younger audience. When they pass out gift baskets to the Sports Sesh team, a copy of his screenplay is included in Guy Young’s basket. Not only is Kenny Powers exactly what Sports Sesh needs for a ratings boost, but he’s already aspiring for the big screen. Guy Young tries to keep Kenny’s ego in check about the ratings (which are fine), and also gives him a coupon book to local Charlotte attractions, including a water park.

While Wayne celebrates getting his GED, Kenny Powers kicks the front door open with a stocking pulled over his head to stage a fake home invasion gag. His poor attempt at humor is not well received, nor is Dustin too thrilled to see him. Kenny and Dustin have not been on good terms for several years now, and after learning how to properly use the word “estranged”, Kenny wants to make amends with his brother.

Trying to buy back the family’s love, Kenny offers free passes to Congo Canyon water park. Cassie welcomes the olive branch, but Dustin not so much. Kenny explains that although his fame is back, he wants to share it with his kinfolk, and “do it right this time.” Dustin declines, telling Kenny he acts like a bigger a-hole when he’s famous. Kenny argues he’s more mature now, but Dustin sees no change, and warns Kenny he will burn everything to the ground the first chance he gets.

Rejected by Dustin, Kenny returns home to play with his new toy, a dancing robot named Yul Brenner. While packing for their vacation, April expresses concern over Kenny’s recent spending - a car, a robot, and now a trip to the water park. She wants to take things slower financially, but Kenny disagrees, since that’s what they had to do for the past 5 years. Those times were terrible, and he doesn’t see a problem treating themselves, or family and friends to something nice every once in a while.

At Congo Canyon, Kenny Powers basks in the glory of providing everyone with the free passes to visit the water park. He jokes that the passes were entry level comps he was sharing, keeping the good stuff for himself. They all thank Kenny, toast to him, and start to get hammered, especially April, doing beer bongs with college guys. In the lazy river, Kenny offers some advice to Stevie about his erectile dysfunction, and performance anxiety problems.

Back at the hotel room Kenny puts passed out April to bed, and gets a text message from Stevie that everyone is partying in the lounge. Kenny hires G.I. Joe Retaliation as a babysitter for the kids, and goes downstairs. What he finds is a boring gathering at the bar with Stevie, Gene, and Tel. But that’s about to change soon, and this is where the episode gets really, really dark...

Some creepy fans buy Kenny shots at the bar, and want to take the party upstairs. Regardless of how weird they may or may not be, Kenny Powers has always relished having his ass kissed by fans. And once Kenny takes notice of the creeper’s attractive sister, he agrees to head up to their room, where he’s presented with a big sack of blow. When the coke sniffing montage winds down, Kenny tries to get Gene and Tel to partake, but they leave.

Chasing them down in the hallway, Kenny threatens to blackmail both of the guys if they tell their wives about the coke party. During their heated discussion, Kenny lets it slip that he actually paid for everyone’s trip, and punches Gene in the face. Back at the party, Kenny learns (from the brother of all people) the gorgeous girl wants to give him a blowjob.

Everyone decides to go swimming at the resort pool. To stroke his own ego, Kenny asks the girl what she told her brother, but she will only repeat it back in her room. Kenny appreciates the fact that she’s drawn to him, but declines her advances. His family is counting on him, and he doesn’t want to abuse the second chance at fame he’s just been given.

Before things get too awkward, hotel security chases everyone out of the pool area. Laying in bed trying to sleep, Toby sees Kenny ask God if he should go get his d*ck sucked. Kenny walks down the hall to Room 289, but the girl’s rejection was the only thing that kept him from cheating on April once again. The same old Kenny is definitely making a comeback, in more ways than one.

Stevie's Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Stevie asked April if she got wet from Kenny’s performance on Sports Sesh, then admitted if he had a p*ssy he’d not only be wet, but squirting as well. Immediately after, he punched out a car window , leaving himself screaming with a bloody, glass caked hand.

Other noteworthy moments from Stevie:

1. Replied “I wish” when Guy asked if he and Kenny were f*ck buddies.

2. Yelled “Jaws” after grabbing Kenny’s junk in the lazy river.

3. “No lines at the water park? This is what I call a wet dream.”

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