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Season 2: Eastbound & Down Chapter 7

Eastbound & Down Chapter 7 Title Sequence

Episode Guide / Summary

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After leaving April and her luggage at the gas station, Kenny Powers kept driving south to Copales, Mexico. The “savage lands” of Mexico suited Kenny’s outlaw persona, and gave him a chance to start fresh, blending into the crowd like everybody else.

South of the border, Kenny Powers re-invents himself by growing corn rows, assuming a new identity (as Steve Janowski), and getting into cockfighting. His prized cock, Big Red, has made him sh*t tons of money, and he keeps company with two enforcers - Hector, and Aaron the midget. Basically he is baseball's version of Michael Vick, but with chickens.

The manager of the local baseball team, the Charros, recognizes Kenny Powers in the stands during their games. He tries to bait Kenny into making a return, by poking fun at his mis-fortunes of ending up in Mexico, but “Steve” tells him that baseball brings Kenny Powers nothing but pain and sorrow.

Kenny Powers is also getting lonely in Mexico, and might even still miss April and those he left behind. The new woman he met, Vida, is blowing him off after they hooked up, and once his prized cock Big Red is killed in a match, his two henchman pull a double-cross and turn on him.

With nowhere else to turn, Kenny Powers decides its time to make a comeback in the Mexican baseball league, as a way to get himself back home to America.

Stevie’s Best Moment(s)

Stevie Janowski

Stevie Janowski has not made his way down to Mexico yet, but he did appear in a flashback.

He is now working at the local Starbucks, after quitting his teaching job to follow Kenny to Tampa, and he does not sound happy:

“Can anyone get a f*cking break around here????”

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